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    5 x 50s - 70s Zildjians (Rides & Crashes) - Sound files on most PRICES LOWERED

    I’ll take the 15” hats and 18” ride Pm coming
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    Sold**0x18 Bass Drum Ludwig Shell

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    Slingerland Capri Wrap...i know i know...

    WOW! Awesome approach! Famtastic!
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    Slingerland Capri Wrap...i know i know...

    Hey friends, So i’m looking to re-wrap some 3 ply slingerland shells in Capri...i know, this is a difficult wrap to create. I’m wondering if anybody has found somebody to make this wrap or something close to it? Since i’m not trying to pass this off as an original or match an existing vintage...
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    Sold—$99 60’s Zildjian Ride

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    Hardware, accessories, parts DW Ludwig

    What is the distance of the mounting holes on the atlas FT lugs? Thanks for you time, Jake
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    A true Bonham drum

    Very neat! Just as i started reading this while sitting in a coffee house, the rough mix of “Ramble On” starts playing! Cheers, Jake
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    Ludwig snare cord

    “Blind” cord is what i use too. Never had an issue. I had Noble & Cooley repair a snare recently, the snare never even left the house and the cords frayed and poped in 2 months. Replaced them with the blinds cord, haven’t had to adjust them since. Cheers, Jake
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    What are the dimensions?
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    Agop Exodus

    What did you use for the recordings of these cymbals? Cheers, Jake
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    15” A. Zildjian CIE Vintage Series crash (thin)

    I’ll take ‘em! Pm coming,
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    Depth for a 16" bass drum

    I’ve been using a 16” by 14” deep Late 60’s Slingerland that once was a concert tom. I’ve been using it for every gig since i tried it out 4 yrs ago, that i can’t find time to rewarp it, so it’s UGLY! I got a superkick 2 texture coated on it, kills Jazz, Reggae, Hip-hop, Soul and Americana...
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    ~ HUGE Vintage Ludwig Parts Lot ~ just about everything.

    I’ll take the set of two ft/cymbal mounts with the wing nuts and the snare wires. Pm coming