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    The relationships between furniture manufacturers and Musical Instrument companies

    Still have my Corders from 1989 - love em.
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    Too many drums? Thought of the day…..

    Will probably be temporary happiness....
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    OT:A History of Rock Music in 500 Songs Podcast

    If you are into music history check this podcast out. I've been binging for awhile now - up to about 100. The author, Andrew Hickey, is up to 155 - so I'll be caught up at some point. Exhaustively detailed - he starts in 1938 and will end it in 1999. It is one man's opinion - but highly...
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    Sting - Seven Days - Drum Transcription & Performance

    Very cool - great job!
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    A 20” kick/14” FT gig has me rethinkin…

    If you're miced up their the best.
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    My “To drill or not to drill” my Broadkaster thing… Video added.

    I'm with ya - partly the reason I bought my AHM's.
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    WTB: Tama Bell Brass Snare Drum

    I just saw that Treviso1 has a late 80's Bronze Black Beauty for sale. I have one and it's a beast. You might want to consider.
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    What’s your favorite bronze snare?

    I've only had one - a 6.5 Black Beauty from the late 80's. Mine is pretty dry.
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    Tell me about wooden beaters.

    I have a Lowboy with a leather face. Just have to make sure it hits flush. Adds heft and low end.
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    Some Yamaha news...

    I got the 20 x 14 - 12 -14 from Memphis Drum shop - love em!
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    Jazz Albums - What are you listening to?

    Billy Drummond on great sounding albums.
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    Good book for strengthening my left hand and rudiments?

    Love this - thanks Sinclair!
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    Good book for strengthening my left hand and rudiments?

    I'm finding Gaddiments is helping - lots of flams really expose my LH weakness. It's getting better.
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    What Bass Drum Beaters do you use?!

    I have a Lowboy with the leather face and no problems. I do have to make sure it's hitting flush.