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    Ludwig 60s vs DW

    If you have a chance to play both go for it. I love DWs and Ludwigs, but I don't have vintage drums, both my Ludwig and DW are "newer" and they're both awesome. There are a lot of people who hate DW (not sure why)...but try both if you can. One thing for sure, the DW hardware is bullet...
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    Bass drum "shell bank"

    Very cool....I should think about a 20 then...
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    **SOLD** Tama Star Walnut Mint Green Mist 5 piece relist

    Hi all - I'm relisting my Tama Star Walnut Mint Green Mist kit. I was having issues with my prior email so had to get a new account. Anyway, I've really priced it to move, the only problem is it is local pickup in Northern Virginia. Here is the kit. I'm the original owner, I bought it new so...
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    Pearl Floor Tom Rubber tips do anything?

    Do you install them over the current rubber feet, or replace them?
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    MIJ Starlight Kit $350 (NJ pick up) SOLD

    Nice kit, GLWS.
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    Not one, but two 1980 Tama Bell Brass Snares!

    I found one on Sweetwater a few months ago, really like it except for the strainer...changing the wires on that thing is a nightmare. It is normally a nightmare for me to change wires anyway, and that thing makes it impossible.
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    Pearl Floor Tom Rubber tips do anything?

    Do these things make any difference? Pearl R-40/3 Floor Tom Rubber Tip - 3-Pack | Musician's Friend (
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    DFO, Look What You Made Me Do! 100% Your Fault...

    And I'm sure there are many more to come!! :);.
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    Carter McLean sticks available through D’Addario

    I'm not familiar with his sticks, what is up with the tip?
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    ProMark to release New Sticks

    It must be one of the worst is just drum sticks!!! Shouldn't be that hard.
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    Strange hi-pitch ring from kick

    I had a time once in which I went crazy chasing a ping I thought was from my bass drum. It was actually from the HVAC intake vent that was 3 feet away from the drum...each time I hit the drum the thing would vibrate at a resonant frequency, it drove me nuts till I figured it out.
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    Do other people gear choices and usage bother you?

    Not a fan of DW I take it?
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    Best ride cymbals from a distance

    Interesting question. The one that I've thought was closest behind to infront of the kit was a Sabian Paragon Ride 22".
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    Your BEST Cymbal?

    A simple Sabian Paragon China 19"...