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    Teaching Difficult Concepts

    I find some basic concepts aren't difficult to teach or explain, but are difficult for students to understand. The concepts are new to students and require thinking in ways they haven't thought before. Two concepts I can think of are time signatures and triplets. With time signatures, alot of...
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    Facebook Login Error Validating Application

    I get this error page when clicking login with Facbook from the main login and from the Manage Facebook menu in My Settings. { "error": { "message": "Error validating application. Application has been deleted.", "type": "OAuthException", "code": 101 } } URL...
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    Creative ways to practice?

    I don't think it would be practical to play along with music, but with a click. How it works: A pattern is memorized and played by 3 limbs, for example ride, snare, hi-hat. A one-page "melody" is read and played by the fourth limb, for example bass drum. The melody is played while vocalizing one...
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    Creative ways to practice?

    Love Christopher's suggestions. I really enjoy working on independence exercises, especially Gary Chester's New Breed book. If you're focused on Jazz, you might enjoy Jim Chapin's Advanced Techniques for the Modern Drummer. Both of these have stood the test of time and help build coordination...
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    Favorite Hand Drum?

    I haven't had extensive experience with many hand drums, but I enjoy the no-fuss nature of congas. I've always loved miked Udu drums, but for me, as Polska and olmanbenny's posts may have alluded, the magic really happens with mics and amplification. Unlike many others these days, I'm not much...
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    How many students do you have, and how much competition?

    I'll usually have 10-20 students. There are two other private teachers and one local-owned music store in my city. One of the private teachers was my teacher 20+ years ago. He would normally have 60 students, but I think the prevalence of free online learning resources and videos has taken some...