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    Modern cymbal stands and vintage cymbals

    DW makes a plastic cup and sleeve that’s a little thinner to accommodate vintage cymbals. I don’t where to order them, a friend of mine with a big backline company handed me 3 a few months ago. They work on my K’s, I know that much
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    Gretsch Vinnie Colaiuta Snare 12x4 - MINT

    Is this still available ?
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    Tell me about your modern Ludwig Classic Maple Snare drum? I am considering a 6.5x14 CM Ply snare drum.

    after 18 shows in 21 nights I can't remember. I don't think the bottom heads were spent...Usually when we got a decent drum set from a real backline place all the heads were pretty good. All I can add on the negative is that the guy from Layayette was more meticulous about tuning than I, and he...
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    Tell me about your modern Ludwig Classic Maple Snare drum? I am considering a 6.5x14 CM Ply snare drum.

    I’m going to be the naysayer here. Everyone loves this line of drums, but I ran into 2 Backline CM kits in February and I just didn’t understand all the praise. Maybe I’m not that familiar with them, I see a lot more Yamaha and DW, but neither myself nor the other drummer ( I don’t want to...
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    Roc-N-Soc Round or Motorcycle Seat?

    It's an older Tama First Chair. Round top but black vinyl. It has a plastic insert where it grips the seat bottom. It can spin I suppose if it's not fully tightened. I had to get an Ahead wooly cover for it. I don't do well with soft seats, or mushy food
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    Your turn: what's your custom cymbal model or line?

    Meinl is designing that now for some of the numetal drummers
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    Roc-N-Soc Round or Motorcycle Seat?

    I just want you to know with all the talk here about SOUNDSEAT IS THE ONLY ONE YOU"LL EVER WANT, I have the same experience as you. It forces you to sit a certain way, kinda halfway between bike and round. I keep mine in the house for practicing, but for gigging, and I play A LOT, I use a...
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    I've been repeatedly watching the Larnell Lewis/Zildjian Live

    Man, that is one bad dude...
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    FT: Istanbul Agop OM (Cindy Blackman) 15" hats for Paiste Modern Essentials 15" hats

    Maybe, not sure.. Let me check pricing..
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    Decisions, decisions...

    We're all bored, just post some mycymbal links maybe, of what you're considering.
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    Decisions, decisions...

    I was trying to think where you could go to hear a few of these, or if someone reading this is close by with some options.. I have a bunch of sheeet you could hear, but I'm in Austin. Not to sell you, but so you could hear it...
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    Decisions, decisions...

    where do you live ? besides inside your head :-)
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    Interesting... Matt Chamberlain's new cymbal set-up

    Give him 6 months, he'll jump to something else. I could say more, cause i"m in a pissy mood from people dying, but I won't..
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    Roc-N-Soc Round or Motorcycle Seat?

    To me it depends on how you sit. If you sit back on a seat, with both cheeks in the middle of a round seat , then a motorcycle would probably work for you. If you're like me, and a few other guys here who sit on the edge of a round seat, then you might prefer round and the bike seat a little...
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    Decisions, decisions...

    No idea, sorry. Haven't played them in person