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    Steve Gadd Black Paint Stix

    it helps ME hit dead center. Maybe not you. I don't keep my elbows back, I drop my hands, my elbows are right at my sides, or even slightly in front. I have long arms for my size. my snare drum is jammed into the bass drum hoop. When I drop my hands the tip of the stick is dead center. I...
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    Steve Gadd Black Paint Stix

    yeah, especially left hand matched...
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    Steve Gadd Black Paint Stix

    The short length is part of the sound. So is holding them at the back. It all has an effect on making the drums punchier. FWIW I have long arms and short legs and hold my sticks at the very back. I pretty much cut down and dremel the butt end of everything I use. Plus I like hitting dead...
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    Your latest cymbal purchase.....

    Paiste 19” 602 Thin Crash
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    FS: UFIP and Sabian Crash Cymbals

    Those are nice. And priced right
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    What might replicate this?

    The one you posted doesn’t look to have the umbrella profile that the bounce has. And yours has a darker undertone that comes from a flatter profile. To me anyway. I don’t think anything in Zikdjian current production sounds quite like that. I’d ask Paul Wells for his take on things. Or...
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    Hardware comparisons, opinions.

    I recently bought the lightweight multi ball swivel Gibralter snare stand. And honestly, the fitting are super tight and hard to adjust. maybe they loosen up over time but I don't like it. Not compared to other brands...
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    Giving a kit a second chance

    No. I tend to move forward not backwards. I would not be able to shake the memory of what I didn’t like about something.
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    What might replicate this?

    That’s a nice cymbal. Agop Signature probably. Zikdjian Renaissance is too bright but has a lovely stick sound. Maybe a Bosphorous but I’m not familiar with their offerings other than the thin Turk stuff which is great but not this
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    Vic Firth Doubleglaze?

    Thanks. The reason I ask is I'm a lacquer/shellac Regal guy. I have some Dennis Sigs, and other bigger diameter Firth Models for outdoor gigs ( remember them ?) that I spray myself with the Bulls Eye stuff.
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    Vic Firth Doubleglaze?

    That’s interesting. How was it unlike ? The finish or something else ?
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    Do Paiste Mellow Over Time?

    Probably gigs and sweat. Some of the 70’s 2002’s sound fantastic. Patina’d B8
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    Zigaboo Modeliste breaks down his iconic "Cissy Strut" beat

    man, trying to match is feel is impossible. It's really incredible. You can play those notes, you can get that sound. But that thing he has ? It's kind of amazing, and I rarely use that word...
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    Zigaboo Modeliste breaks down his iconic "Cissy Strut" beat

    thats a simplified bd part. The original is much trickier. And yes, his snare sound is bad ass. The sound of the street for real..
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    my worthless internet opinion ? If you're used to 2B's, you will likely grip the stick too tightly if you go to a thinner stick. But go ahead and try it, let me know if that happens. I try and go to a 7A or Dennis Chambers stick from a DeJohnette Signature and notice tighter hands at the end...