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    Bosphorus cymbals - 23 Syncopation SW, 21 25th Anniversary Prototype

    I had to have another look at this fine fine bronze.
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    throne for a big dude

    Roc n soc tower series Esp if you are close to maxing out the height of an adjustable throne.
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    My Drumstick Journey...

    Flat ride with tambourine rivets? On a spring. Wtf is that?
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    Cutting & Looping song sections help

    Thank you for the recommendation. This is exactly what I was looking for. I can’t quite get the loops perfect, but close enough. One of the best features is that it can link with my Spotify account to import tunes. Thanks again!
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    Cutting & Looping song sections help

    Greetings all, I’m looking for some help in setting up some practice tracks. What I’m looking to do is to cut sections of songs and then make continuous loops. Specifically I would like to cut out the melody part of a jazz tune - just the head of the song - and play it as loop. I’m feeling...
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    I need an intervention

    You got it backwards…. Drums are the therapy not the problem.
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    OT: Dog has an abscess on foot

    I would use small scissors to trim the hair away to get a better look. Can’t tell what is going on in the photo.
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    Oriollo Drums

    What’s is up with the colors? Do special colors rotate in on a limited basis? Some etched or patina and some sprayed? Deciding on a color would seem to be one of those choices that is difficult while at the same time impossible to mess up.
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    Sold! Slingerland cob, or Yamaha SD075

    So tempting. .. What is shipping looking like on these?
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    SOLD 22" Beefy Soultone Ride - $95

    Block stamp still available??
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    SOLD. Gretsch USA Gergo Borlai 4.25x14 Brass Snare Drum

    Yeah now you’re talking’!!!
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    SOLD! BRAND NEW 16" Bosphorus Masters Hi Hats 1010/1200 $300

    Play ‘em Rat…. We need a sound file!!!
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    Drum Confessions Thread

    Happy to help prevent misty eyes.
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    Practice pads

    . thanks for the replies everyone “realistic” snare drum response is what I’m looking for. I have a moon gel pad for a less-bounce option.
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    Practice pads

    (Sorry if this has been covered, search results said “pad” was too short of a word to search) I have a moon gel pad, but I’m looking for something with more rebound. Suggestions?