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    What Is Your Most Played Snare and Why?

    Well I've played excellent snare drums with each of those varieties of hoops, but on this particular snare drum I've only used the triple flanged hoops that it came with - 2.3mm NOB - and now the Adrian Kirchlers. Both sounded great but Adrian's opened the drum up just a bit (surprisingly)...
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    Who is the one bassist you would love to jam with?

    Charlie Haden or Will Lee.
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    Cymbal Bag Recommendation

    Humes & Berg Tuxedo Cordura cymbal bags are fully padded to protect expensive cymbals. These bags will hold a maximum of twelve cymbals. Features include carrying handles, shoulder strap, and a large outside zippered pocket that will hold plenty of accessories; plenty of dividers, well thought...
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    What Is Your Most Played Snare and Why?

    My Joyful Noise 6.5x14 Blackbird Studio Brass snare drum with Adrian Kirchler single flanged hoops would be the snare drum I play the most. It comes closest to everything I love in a snare drum.
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    Your favorite full album

    Simple Pleasures - Eastern Rebellion Shout Me Out - Clayton Hamilton Orchestra Symphony #5 - Gustav Mahler (Bernstein conducting NY Philharmonic) Ten Summoner's Tales - Sting Hard Day's Night // Rubber Soul // Revolver - The Beatles Monsieur Claude // Seaward - Enrico Pieranunzi Wilderness Road...
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    The too many cymbals dilemma

    I used to believe that, Joe. No more. I've had some of the most amazing old K's, believe me. Ask Lee Ruff - he has some! Old K's were/are great for what they're great for, period. Some of the cymbals being made today are just astounding and frankly I'd be more hesitant to let them go that...
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    The too many cymbals dilemma

    I've divested plenty and still have a long way to go, alas.
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    SOLD Beato Pro 1 Cymbal and Stick Bags

    almamadre, I love the Beato bags! Thanks very much. Great deal, great price. Real pleasure. Hope to do business with you again. Stay well.
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    SOLD Beato Pro 1 Cymbal and Stick Bags

    Message (conversation) sent.
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    drum hardware - lighten your load

    The Yamaha Crosstown setup is the bomb. I love them. So does my back.
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    Unbalanced cymbal weight distribution bother you?

    It’s an advantage. That way you know where to drill your cymbal for rivets opposite the stick target.
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    Tapping out a dent in a Supraphonic?

    I have done this before with COB Supraphonics and a Black Beauty. Fold a microfiber towel so there are at least four layers of the material and place it over the dents on the inside of the shell. Use a ball peen hammer and very carefully and gingerly remove the dents by tapping the folded towel...
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    Joke Thread

    WAIVER: Ladies, please do not be offended - these are only jokes! My wife isn't talking to me, she said I ruined her birthday. I'm not sure how... I didn't even know it was her birthday. I was so happy and content as I watched the wife drift off last night. Her dinghy's got a puncture and...
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    Do cymbals change in sound much over time / use

    That explanation would be more convincing IF newer sets of the same hats didn't sound more metallic, brighter, more biting and with more “edge” to them. Tough to ascribe the sonic difference to loss of hearing acuity in that frequency if that’s the case, no?
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    Heap o' PAISTE Modern Essentials on the runway...22" Ride is now SOLD.

    I have no experience with the Signature series, sorry. I’d suggest you go to and listen to videos of both.