Hey folks! I am a drummer for 35+ years. I am a huge jazz fan and my favorite drummers are the old school bop guys - Elvin Jones, Tony Williams, Max Roach, Papa Jo Jones, Jack De Johnette, and Roy Haynes, as well as newer guys like Brian Blade, Eric Harland, Bill Stewart, Chris Dave & Mark Guiliana, who are taking jazz drumming in exciting new directions. I also play guitar, bass and I'm trying to learn piano. I love playing and collecting vintage kits, old cymbals and snares, too! I play mostly Zildjians but love all Turkish cymbals, have a few vintage Gretsch Round Badge & Slingerland kits, and an ever growing snare and cymbal collection. I have led bands and recorded albums as a rock drummer (huge fan of Ringo, Bonham, Moon, Baker, Peart, Allmans and the Dead) and even recorded an album as a bassist in a reggae band! I also volunteer drum/teach for a non-profit that teaches kids to play acoustic guitar for 4+ years and I'm proud to play with those kids (including my 2 boys). Thanks for stopping by and checking me out. I usually have something on eBay and Reverb, too. Best wishes and keep on jammin'!
September 23
Pebble Beach, CA


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