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    Opinion needed on Keller Maple shells

    I tried to inspect a bare Gretsch RB 12" tom shell I have - the gap was there but it was not deep or all the way thru. I will simply plug it with filler and fix the issue to finish the drum.
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    Advice: 16x12 or 16x14, or even 16x13 bass drum?

    I'd go 16x14 deep. I have a few of these that are great. Shallow won't give you much of a bass-frequency sound. I'd do #4 (Swede build) and also keep an eye out for #5 always. Key is the heads on this and Aquarian makes 16" super kick bass batter heads which is what I use on my 16's........
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    16 Gretsch T Rods w/washers - SOLD !!

    I'll take them......PM sent.
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    Best way to paint vintage bass drum hoop?

    My hoops were bad to begin with. I sand it smooth and the matte paint covers everything. It's literally the $1.00 can at Home Depot - the generic brand they have in white or black gloss or matte. I didn't realize the rest of the pics didn't post:
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    Floor tom brackets with 2-1/4" spacing

    Please don't damage your original Camco's! This is what I found: 1) Vintage Slingy mounts are 2 1/4" - tough to find. 2) Premier also made 2 1/4" FT leg mounts......also probably tough to find. 3) Jammin Sam has ones that are 2 3/8" (yes 1/8" short) and IF you decide to enlarge your holes...
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    Road trip to pick up...why drums! Imagine that.

    Man, that was fast! Right into a gig...right on, dude! Yes, I like to have all flavors of drums, too.......
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    Could be anything - I am guessing MIJ - "Tokyo, Japan Percussion"??? I hope it's dirt cheap although the mallets maybe worth a few bucks...... I do like the "free floating" system, though....I have a similar system for testing snare shells.....
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    16 mini bass drum claws!

    To be used for a snare preferred......thank you!
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    First gig with my “newest” Rogers kit

    Can you mount that center splash off the cymbal stand to the right to do away with that non-lightweight stand? And what snare did you use?
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    Sweetwater Cymbal Damage, You Too?

    Dust, if that's the condition of the cymbal you got, I'd be bashing SW! Totally unacceptable. I don't know how much of a discount they offered, but the point is they need to learn how to pack cymbals! You'd think they notice how mfgr's send them cymbals (presumably well packed!) and they'd...
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    Prayers needed for fellow Drum Brother, Chris Jensen

    Don't know him (I think), but best wishes, God bless and thank you.......
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    Value of Gretsch Dixieland snare?

    Lud, thanks.....
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    Calling all "Pearl People"... Do I REALLY Know What This Snare Is?

    Thanks, Peter - I also didn't know they came with the single flange hoops + clips... PS: Sorry, Ward!
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    Best way to paint vintage bass drum hoop?

    Here is the last set I did. They were in bad shape. The "inlay" is 1/2" silver sparkle vinyl tape.....I think it looks classy. 12/14/18 USA bop kit square badge from 1981-82 in black sparkle. The logo is a Gretsch guitar logo but I thought it looked cool......
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    Value of Gretsch Dixieland snare?

    I am not a fan of 6 lug snares. I've owned a Slingy student - it was just bad. I do have a few Luddy Pioneers - they are actually pretty good. I have a handful of Gretsch Dixielands - I think 3 - but the only one that's a full snare (the others are just now shells) is a 50's 3 ply in worn...