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    Classical Drumset Playing

    All I can say is wow! I wish I could do that! Amazing!
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    Champaign Beat Beat Pics

    Hi Mike! It was nice meeting you at the Big Beat! How have you been? I am shopping for cymbals for my '65 Slingy's. Have you seen any good deals on some Zildjians? lol! Those pies in the pic were borrowed. Take care! Chris
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    Champaign Beat Beat Pics

    Hey Bill, I found the thread! Time for me to come forward. lol! Yes, that is the kit I bought from Mr. Hall and yes, I absolutely love them! The Big Beat was indeed a great time. I really enjoyed talking vintage gear with none other than Bun E Carlos! Thanks for all your input and posing behind...
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    Finally got a job

    Been 18 months for me. I feel ya there! You're lucky you even had interviews. I have only had 5. But, my last one (Tuesday) seems to be very interested. Congrats on the new job though. My buddy lives in Fairfield, he likes it there. Now I won't have as much time to play drums. :(
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    Name the most facinating drummer(s) you ever saw play live

    I don't remember the years but my most fascinating list is: Buddy Rich Dave Weckl Tito Puente Santana band!