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    Shopping e-drums, your recommendations please?

    Some people like used cars, some people like that new car smell. Just be aware that as with new cars, the smell wears off and the day after you leave the dealership you are driving a used car. Beyond that, if you have the scratch to jump on a new TD-50, ignore my previous comment and dive right...
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    SOLD: Roland TD-50 Module, Mint

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    OT: I need to lose 40 lbs

    Not to be a downer here, but anybody can lose 40 pounds. Or a 100, or 200... it's not about losing the weight, it's about making the kinds of changes to your life that you can sustain. And not just for a few months, but permanently. Going hungry, going on specialty diets, or starting a program...
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    Yamaha Club Customs

    Just a footnote to all this... I first saw the CC's at the Monterey Jazz Festival in 2015 as the backline drums for all the stages, all in orange swirl. First heard them played by Antonio Sanchez. Even from the audience (and considering who was playing them), you could tell these were something...
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    SOLD: Roland TD-50 Module, Mint

    For those of you already playing edrums who want the ultimate upgrade I have a mint condition Roland TD-50 module for sale. I bought this along with a Pearl Mimic Pro to A/B them, and have decided to keep the Mimic Pro (works better for the type of music I play). Not a mark on this unit... has...
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    Moving Sale: Agop, T-Cymbals and....Spizz (maybe)

    [unofficial bump] Barry, when you get to Denver look up Paul Romaine... world-class player and all around great guy. Teaches at CU and runs the Colorado Conservatory for Jazz Arts.
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    Sonor Martini SE 3pc Shellpack

    One last bump... I've been looking for some K Custom Dark hats... trade maybe?
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    Sonor Martini SE 3pc Shellpack

    bump... this kit remains snuggled in its bags in my studio, still looking for a good home. With gigs gone, for the time being having 4 drum kits is about 3 too many. Same price as before: $350, includes bags and lower 48 shipping
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    How long do you think before new gigs are viable and payable .

    18 months to 2 years??? By that time I'll be rounding up players in the nursing home where I'll be living...
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    Recording TD17 into Logic Pro X

    When you say "intermittently" do you mean it doesn't recognize every drum pad, or do you mean there are dead spots in the recording line? Different problems, different solutions.
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    Best Real Feel, Tunable Elect. Drums

    Absolutely second this. The "which e-drums sound and feel like real drums" question has been around since day one, and the answer has not changed since the beginning of time: None of them. Like Tommy said, for everything you gain in one area, you give up something else and for one simple...
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    Recording to an android phone over usb.

    No... what electrodrummer said is it. You need that interface. No way to plug your drums into a phone or a computer without it.
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    Record Roland on Mac using drum's module, via jack

    You need an interface, something you plug your drums output into, which then plugs into your Mac via USB. There is no way to get any computer to recognize the output signal from edrums without this. Easy way to go is with an AudioBox. Google it, they're everywhere, about $100. You run output...
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    I hope this pattern doesn't hold, because the Roaring 20's ended with the Great Depression...
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    Can't drink in a bar with a mask on, so off comes the mask. Can't eat in a restaurant with a mask on, so off comes the mask. I'm 68, in good health but with a history of cancer. I've yet to come to terms with how and under what conditions I would feel comfortable and safe enough to go back into...