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    Yamaha Club Custom Black Swirl 22/16/12/matching snare *5/14/21 SOLD AND ON HOLD FOR A DF MEMBER.*

    [mostly to help keep this near the top and, hopefully, somebody will jump on it]... In hanging out on the largely Euro-centered Yamaha Drum Closet Fb page, I have some thoughts on the CC's... 1. In the U.S. of A. orange swirl CC's sell instantly regardless of size. Other colors, not so much...
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    Wrist pain from electronic drums?

    A lot of e-drum players simply hit too hard --- this is one of the dynamics issues between e-drums and acoustics. Generally speaking, if you play the rubber cymbals on e-drums with the same force dynamics as on acoustics, you can develop hand and wrist issues. Mesh drum pads have helped with...
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    Yamaha recording custom bop kit wanted

    If you're on Facebook there's a group called Yamaha Drum Closet... good place to find kits like you're after.
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    Roland - TD 20 to TD50 upgrade???

    I stretched mine and made it 14"... it's thinner now, but wider :cool:
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    Roland - TD 20 to TD50 upgrade???

    Agree... there's 2 parts to getting the better articulation and sensitivity you're asking about. One part is the module's sound engine, the other is the trigger inside the pad. So the short answer is yes, the Mimic Pro will improve this with Roland pads, but the limitation to this improvement...
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    Roland - TD 20 to TD50 upgrade???

    I was looking to upgrade from a TD10 to the TD50 when I came across the Pearl Mimic Pro. Others may have a different opinion, but I bought them both --- the 50 and the Mimic --- and A/B'd them. For me, it was no contest, the Mimic Pro was, hands down, far superior in terms of reproducing...
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    What kind of speaker or amp is good for electronic drums without going broke??

    Nobody's trying to frustrate you, they're simply pointing out that there's really nothing anyone can tell you at that price point that will help you distinguish the crap from the gems, because at $150 it's ALL going to be crap. Yes, at that price you can find something called an "amp" that you...
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    Mesh head tuning?

    electrodrummer has it right... you don't tune mesh heads, you either increase or decrease the rebound. However, at the extremes if you over- or under-tighten them you can affect the triggering. Too tight and you're likely to get an unintended triggering as your stick bounces too much; too loose...
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    Beaters for Roland mesh kick drum

    Kick patch +1... and there are wooden beaters out there (have had one for years, indestructible), plus all kinds of hard plastic options. Felt beaters on mesh heads, especially without a kick patch can be problematic and damage the head.
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    Ten Reasons to Buy an Electronic Drum Kit

    Different strokes.... I know guitarists who won't play electric guitars, pianists who won't play digital pianos. There's no right or wrong here, just different. Makes no sense to play music or instruments that don't inspire... there's enough gotta-do-it-this-way-or-you're-doing-it-wrong crap in...
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    Ten Reasons to Buy an Electronic Drum Kit

    In the spirit of this thread, and with animus towards none... 10 Reasons to Buy An Acoustic Drum Kit: 1. Volume... these things are loud, louder than anything you've ever heard, plus they are responsive... the harder you hit them the louder they get, so you can really drive everybody in your...
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    Advice needed! - looking for electric kit on a budget

    My very first e-kit was an HD-1, and it sufficed for the time, space, money and what I was looking for at the moment. I even used it on a recording session once, and while it didn't fool anybody into thinking it was an acoustic kit, it did the job. Given the long list of limitations you...
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    Gigs? Not.

    pff... you were never my age. You're not even going to be my age when you get to be my age... If you're serious about "What be this JamKazam witchcraft?" let me know and I'll give you more details. Suffice it to say it allows me to jam pants free and with minimal latency over the internet... as...
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    I got to hear my own drums played by a great drummer…

    One thing I hear in a lot of these posts, and that I know from my own experience, is that the tuning from behind the drums seems to always be too low, even though it sounds just right to us. I think that's because being so close to the drums we can hear the high range undertones that you can't...
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    Gigs? Not.

    So, I started this thread back in March (8 months ago, for those of you keeping score), with a whine about how all our gigs had been cancelled. They still are. Some people in the area are playing here and there, but nothing serious and our band has no plans to go out until sometime mid-late next...