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    Man, that sounds amazing... If I could, I would.
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    Mixing cymbal brands, series

    I definitely mix up brands, depending on what the music calls for... The only constant are my Artisan Elite hats - for jazz I usually go for the K Con MTH 22 on the right, with a Artisan Light 20 on the left, sometimes throw in an old stamp K 18 as well. But to me that really isnt mixing, as I...
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    Sabian HH ID

    Zenstat, thanks so much for that, great information. Really appreciate it. Im going with a 90s HH medium thin,.. It sure looks hand hammered to me. Great cymbal. I really dig Sabians these days.
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    Sabian HH ID

    My thoughts exactly, I think that its a MT HH.
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    Sabian HH ID

    Indeed, Ive had AAXs in the past but these hammer marks look not to be so uniform. As to HHs being signed - Im not sure on this. I had a China that wasnt and also have an Artisan Light which only has the number (#....). My Artisan Elite hats are signed though. This crash was a bargain, so Im not...
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    Sabian HH ID

    Cheers dtk. Yep, its a brilliant finish, appears to be a medium thin weight (no chance to weigh yet, only received it at work today). Attached is another photo, which will hopefully show the hammering.
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    Sabian HH ID

    Hi all. I just picked this 16 up for a really good price. Can any Sabian experts confirm which model it is? I think that its an older HH? Cheers in advance...
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    20” Sabian Artisan light ride vs 20” K ride

    |I have an Artisan Light 20" - very jazzy indeed, beautiful cymbal. Wonderful stick and amazing wash. I often play it with a K Con MTH 22" and Sabian Artisan Elite 14" hats - it's a great set up. The Light opens up really easily. The only thing I would bear in mind is that it does seems to be a...
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    Kentville Kangaroo heads

    I just put one of these on my old brass snare, sounds incredible. Tuned pretty low, adds wonderful warmth and much more controllable overtones, esp with rimshots. Really lovely feel to it as well, much softer than a regular plastic head. Ill post a sound file sometime, if anyone wants to hear it.
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    Bird's Eye views

    Nice thread and great looking kits! Mine from a session a few weeks back: DW Collectors 20 / 12 / 14 Carlton King NOB 14 x 6.5 Sabian Artisan Elite 14 Zildjian K Istanbul Old Stamp 18 Sabian Artisan Light 20 Meinl Byzantine Extra Dry Thin 22
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    Another unique Walberg and Auge kit

    Ive just come across one of their snares for sale in the U.K., priced at around $500. Looks in great shape, possible 2 ply, nice tube lugs. I take these are quality drums, albeit pretty much under the radar?
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    Kits that made an impression on you in your formative years?

    The kit that made a huge impression on me as a youngster was a Yamaha Recording Custom in the classic red. My drum teacher had an old Olympic kit (cheap Premier line) prior to this, with four mounted toms in addition to the usual two up one down. This was the eighties! Sometime in 1983 / 84 he...
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    Kentville Kangaroo heads

    According to the video these have held up extremely well for gigs too. No tuning issues etc.
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    Kentville Kangaroo heads

    Looks real good, I bet that sounds great. I have 20 strand Puresound on mine, hopefully itll be a good match.
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    Kentville Kangaroo heads

    In the pouch it is...! I tried one of these heads @ Drumshack (not sure if medium or heavy) on the Luddy 400 COB that they talk about in the video. (Great drum shop btw, if you are in London check it out.) Sounded and felt incredible. Definite warmth and fatness that plastic heads are unable to...