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    Spotify vs. Amazon Music

    Thank you for all of your input! I think I will stay with Spotify for the time being. Some of this information is a little too technical for me to understand. I know sound quality is very important but I was thinking more I'm just user-friendliness and the library of songs. I can't play CDs...
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    Spotify vs. Amazon Music

    I was wondering if anybody has used Amazon music to listen to their Tunes. I'm sure there are some people out there that have and it'd be nice to hear about your thoughts on that service. I have had Spotify for a couple years now and I really like that but it does cost 10 bucks a month. I was...
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    Drumming is Becoming Boring to Me

    Well its been a while and I wanted to give an update. I really slaked off on playing for about a month then gradually got back into it. I did not look at online drum lessons one bit, technology wares me down sometimes and I just wanted to get my own mind focused on what I really need to do. I...
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    Drums for sale:

    Boy you guys sure deserve a pat on the back for trying to help this guy!
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    Every once and a while.....

    Cool! Did you make the shell?
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    Refinish a drum from Red To Black

    You could clean them with some tsp, sand to rough the finish, then spray some shellac on them then spray them black. Black is a difficult color, I would not recommend that. So how about wrapping them with a black drum wrap?
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    Ludwig Clubdate, 1967 Sky Blue Pearl (SOLD)

    I have a kit like this and I love it!
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    Jenkins-Martin 7x14 Snare

    Good thing you came to your senses!
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    2019 Chicago Drum Show Roll Call!

    Will there be a time for everyone to meet at the DFO booth for a picture like in the past? I am thinking on going Saturday mainly to meet people for the most part.
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    Best worst excuses to buy gear?

    A lot of the kits I purchased were from Craigs List ranging from 10 to 150 miles away. In the summer when my wife was off (teacher) an I found one that was a bit of a trip I would make it a fun event by buying her dinner somewhere, stop for ice cream or whatever, a road trip! But almost always I...
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    OT Ottawa flood crisis

    Bad weather all over the place. Here is a video of Davenports flood wall breaking.
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    Small scratches left over from orbital Sander...

    Fat drummer said it all, especially the last line. The only way to get rid of them is by hand, sounds like thats what you did. And, I hear all the time guys saying they sand up to 600 grit, WOW! really? They must be using some totally different products than I do for top coat because my rep at...
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    Matching a finish.

    Im not sure what to do with the shell. You can have it back if you want, I have a shell sitting here that I bought from Bernie Stone at the Chicago drum show about four years ago (the last one at the fair grounds) and have done nothing with it. This Tama shell has so many holes, it wouldn't be...
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    Matching a finish.

    Mark, thanks for posting the pics for me! And thank you for your patience, you have waited a long time. I promise to get the drum shipped by mid week!
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    Whatever Happened to Louie Bellson's Drum Set?

    Kevin, it had to be at least five years ago. This was at Crabbies bar on rout 6 in coal Valley. Can't remember much, not because I was in a bar and was drunk, it's because im getting old. I do remember the guy was very nice. The owners of Crabbies would know who he was but in sorry i cant...