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    Drum Pad Work Outs: ready to try new exercises? a solo!.... as a solo, musically voiced, 'drum interlude'... you already got the notes..just "voice it' around the set!! Thank You! It's going to be fantastic (cool)
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    OT: New Cat Day

    sounds like an airplane : )
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    Vintage MIJ Sets, Including Stencils!

    I remember driving a Japanese car for the very first time. The year was 1973. It was a 1971 Toyota Corolla, 4 door I think. You turned the steering wheel it turned (no play). You touched the brakes (it stopped). You hit the gas (it went). Turn on the radio, (it came on) move the heater controls...
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    Drum Rattle

    MLX what do they look like. Oh ok...
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    boom (Gretsch Heritage

    beautimous blue glass sparkle rB Gretsch.. also some comfort words for snare addicts..
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    Gretsch Brooklyn standard snare

    this one ..very nice
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    SOLD: 14x6.5 Pork Pie Full Rosewood Snare

    (you're coming up Roses!! : ) !~
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    Fantastic visit to Dale's Drum Shop today!

    It doesn't say what series; can you (or anyone) tell, by the bass drum claw. (So Dog can get some rest/sleep ; )
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    Bass drum foot technique

    shoes? Bass drum pedal not too heavy or god forbid not too spring tight; bass drum head medium. no cowboy boots now..
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    Bass drum foot technique

    you tell me; I'm not saying- the two together I'm saying ... can play the bass drum rhythm with your hand... Can or why can't you play it with the foot
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    Bass drum foot technique

    you know what I think that is. how long were you in bands playing on stage at dances and bars 4 hour sets for at least a decade or more.. that's only way you're going to get that..consistency... performance (ingrained).. (i may be wrong) but playing against amps electric guitars pa's and all...
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    Bass drum foot technique

    did you notate it? your right foot should be just like your right hand as far as what it can execute (with some exceptions) very similar. no yes?
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    Drum Pad Work Outs: ready to try new exercises?

    it's his gig
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    Bass drum foot technique

    maybe it a vocabulary issue expand your vocabulary (notes on paper) as much as possible. From (once they are in) the mind it goes straight to the drums. Expand your or check your (note) vocabulary. keep it in good shape. If you think it you can play it. The problem one may run into is...
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    Bass drum foot technique

    Also, from knowledge of notation.. Know how notes look like on a page on a line manuscript.. 4 sixteenths. Group of 5 with 2 missing.. See the notes in your mind. Transfer all that to the drums (all of them including the foot and feet) It's your/the mind, ears, heart and ..soul that moves...