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    Floor tom with snares?

    Currently building a "snom", or a left side FT with snares from a 14x15 80's (?) Ludwig 6ply some kind of concert tom. Redrilled drum to 8 lugs from 10 to fit a S-hoop, and a more common snare hoop. (and have 4 spare classic lugs).Single cut 45 bearing edges are good, rest of set ('71 Ludwig...
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    Recommend me a Zildjian China

    20" Pang. Happy hunting.
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    Two bars of four. Wrecking Crew.
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    Try to look like I'm 12 years old, dig back and play a rudimentary solo like Connecticut Halftime at breakneck speed, and water my pants.
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    Doing this to a repurposed 14x15 2 headed concert tom, converted to 8 lug from 10, and can't decide snare bed or no? 80s 6 ply mixed shell.
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    What's the Worst Band Name You "Inherited"?

    How about band you haven't named yet? "Blue Job "
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    Playing shuffles

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    Why do we buy vintage drums vs modern drums?

    Answer to that question is Why are old drum companies making "New Vintage Drums"?
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    Looking for value help with Ludwig Vintage Set- Tampa Fl

    I'm in Tampa, I'm 70, may have known your dad, sorry to hear of his passing. Did he play in any bands around here? Let me know if I can help. Played Ludwigs my whole life.
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    New Ludwig Spirit Of '76 drums

    I special ordered in 1969 that kit from Ludwig at Bringes Music, St. Petersburg, FL, in sparkle wrap. One of a kind then. Sold them when I went to college, BIG mistake. Then saw them on TV, in Buck Owen's band.
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    Would a twisted badge on a brand new tom bother you?

    That's a 13? With mini lugs? OK, for sale, rare Ludwig tom with super rare twisted badge!