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    Drum Confessions Thread

    the high levels of narcissism in social media drummers really bother me although it shouldn’t. Also I’ve sniff tested my throne before
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    still available?
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    What's your latest drum purchase?

    beautiful legacy 17 that actually pairs perfectly with my complex 19
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    What is your unpopular drum opinion?

    I don't need to hang a hipster rug on the wall behind me to play the drums
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    Roy Beckerman Comments On Every YouTube Video

    you're not the only one that's noticed. just about every demo I watch at least around 3 comments sometimes years apart.sometimes he let's them really know he doesn't approve of their demo. gets me every time
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    Limited edition S.L.P Tama starclassic G-Bubinga drum kit.

    I'm not positive but it seems every time they put a g in front of something, it has a thicker shell than usual
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    Electronic drum players, need help!

    all I can say is on my kit you can adjust the tension on the mesh heads so I keep them low to mimic real heads as much as possible. I also spend a lot of time playing to music so the Bluetooth option on my kit is extremely helpful. hope that somewhat helps. its the best practice tool to happen...
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    Vintage Gretsch finish?

    it looks like the original finish has been stripped off I'm sure they sound killer
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    British Drum Company

    thanks for the reply definitely understand where you're coming from. id love a set of the canopus neo vintage m2 with the mahogany shells but definitely can't afford them. they have a great vintage sound. I have some renowns they are awesome but I'm thinking I'm more of a mahogany drum type...
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    British Drum Company

    may I ask why you're selling them? I've been looking at those and the lounge kits and slightly leaning towards the lounge
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    bronze black beauty

    thank you for that!!! shipping wasn't nearly as bad as I thought!
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    bronze black beauty

    hello all. I'm in the hunt for a bronze bb. I know they were available for a couple years here instead of brass and I saw they recently released some in Europe, anyone have a lead or know if they'll release some here?