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    Jack mack cover

    Whole band did a good job on that. Sounded good on that JP. Love that first Jack Mack album. Max Gronenthal aka Max Carl is co leading Grand Funk now. They played at a casino an hour away couple of weeks ago. I was going to go, mainly to check Max out, but wimped out. Enjoyed the clip.
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    Ludwig 5 x 14 Raw Brass SOLD

    Drum is sold
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    14" K Zildjian Session Model Steve Gadd Model

    Exc shape 14 hats 225.00 shipped lower 48
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    Ludwig 5 x 14 Raw Brass SOLD

    I have a like new 5 x14 raw brass here. Barely used. This came from memphis drum shop and was gigged a few times and traded to me. All original except top head. The owner drew little numbers on the original head like the tuning guide on dw heads so i replaced it. $450.00 shipped lower 48...
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    Gretsch 20 wood hoops needed [pair]

    Hello I need a nice pair of Gretsch 20' bass drum hoops. From round badge era if possible. May consider others or later. Inlay or lack of, not important. Let me know. Thanks, Jim
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    Are there any interesting drum shops or music venues near Mobile, AL

    I am in Mobile. Nearest real drum shop is Ray Fransens in New Orleans. 150 miles west. You are welcome to pm me and i can tell you about live music, Restaurants,etc And Joe i,ve checked out that gretsch set. Its a player 22,13.16 its got some issues so i passed on it.
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    Gigging Vintage Ludwig Sets

    Hendrix,Cream,Zeppelin etc,etc were some really loud bands and the 60,s ludwig 3 ply drums sounded great live and in the studio to me.
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    5 or 7 stroke roll

    4- tap stroke 5 rolls and 1- tap stroke seven at the end. Almost like bo diddley rhythm. The first 3 accents anyway. Ha Use single tap for accents. hand to hand in 16,th notes. Double or bounce the notes in between much softer. Move accents anywhere and double them with bass drum. Cool...
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    WTB: Remo Gold Crown drums

    I have the standard size matching snare for this if you need it.
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    SOLD! - 20” Istanbul Agop

    Great sounding cymbal.
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    1950s Zildjian 22" block stamp ride

    None of these picosong sound samples play for me. Says Error
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    Cissy Strut snare drum

    Its a gretsch 4160 chrome 5+1/2x14 on cissy strut recording
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    WTB: Ludwig Tom 8x12 b/o Badge 3-ply

    Hello I have a 8x12 b/o blue sparkle in exc shape. I will sell for 225 shipped. Great sounding drum. Thanks, Jim
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    1976 Ludwig 3 ply set. 24/13/14/16 Blue Silk

    pm sent