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    Aquarian DeJohnette Drum Heads

    I didn't even think of that, I've never played black heads either! Might be weird. But they'd look great on my kit. A lot of the reviews were very positive concerning the sound quality on a snare drum. Did you try it at all?
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    WAY OT: My new built in grill

    That's good. I know a couple of people with similar killer setups that can't boil water without burning it! Such a shame...
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    WAY OT: My new built in grill

    Looks nice...can you cook? :scratch: :p
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    New album out!!!

    Thanks, I'm always on the lookout for good new music. Good luck!
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    Aquarian DeJohnette Drum Heads

    I've been looking to replace my stock USA Remo drum heads that came on my Pork Pie bop kit for awhile now. I've been leaning towards coated Ambassadors and putting the PP coated heads on the reso side which now has clear heads. Seems to be the classic jazz set-up. But, I've been doing a deep...
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    Thoughts on Craviotto kits

    For goodness sakes Joe, yes YES - they DO play themselves! :lol: They could certainly open the neuron highway for some guys. At least for awhile, until eventually, they just become another set of drums and you look to sell them like all the rest. No matter what we buy, I think we're always...
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    Thoughts on Craviotto kits

    I think the more expensive we go with drums, the more scrutiny they get. The higher end stuff really draws a lot of opinions. Some guys expect magic to happen with a $6000 kit compared to a $1000 kit when in truth the differences can be pretty small. They're rarely huge. I think most of us agree...
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    O.T.: Just Spent Eight Days Vacationing in Switzerland

    They've got some weird ways there. Like, there has not been any motorsports since like 1955 because there was a bad accident in a race there, so they banned it completely. They've tried to bring it back twice, but were unsuccessful in parliament. Only thing permitted is a hill climb once a year.
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    Pasite 602 18" SSS 6 ChinaType

    We know you didn't do that damage! Is it useable? Will it stay on the stand?
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    O.T.: Just Spent Eight Days Vacationing in Switzerland

    Good thing you got your trip in now, because by Nov.22/23, air travel is likely to be completely crippled in the US. Gee, right before Thanksgiving! Outstanding move! Honestly, I may never fly again. But glad you had fun. Beautiful country, maybe the prettiest in the world and good people to.
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    Thoughts on Craviotto kits

    I've never had the chance to play a Craviotto kit, but if I were in the market for a high-end kit, they would be at the top of my list for sure. They're beautiful, well built and sound beautiful from everything I've heard. Since guys are mentioning other brands, Pork Pie has the beautiful...
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    My tastes are turning colors

    At least you're still into sparkle finishes. Now, had you gone from sparkle to wood veneer finishes, that would have been full-on rogue and could be seen as tragic! :lol:
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    Shell Mounted Cymbal Holders?

    Not saying you're wrong, but I haven't noticed that to be honest.
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    Drum Confessions Thread

    When I was a kid I always wanted to be the drummer. Like many of you, I tapped a rhythm or beat on whatever surface I could find. But, I grew up in an apartment in Queens, so there was no way my parents could buy me drums. But my constant whining about wanting to play made them buy me a Kimberly...
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    Help Identifying Paiste 22” Ride

    This was a Paiste cymbal with a man holding the cymbal under a machine. Note the neat hammering pattern. All of those old numbered cymbals, 1000's, 400's, 405's, 505's etc. look pretty similar. Not truly hand hammered. The OPs cymbal looks like it was truly hand hammered to me. But I'm no...