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    Our latest piece

    Like it. Good drumming, Spooky!
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    Your Signature Sound

    I don't know if I have a style, necessarily, and like others said, if I do it is probably debatable whether it is objectively a good style at that. But I do play behind the beat (likely due to being taught the drum kit by mimicking Bonham almost exclusively), I have good dynamics, steady...
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    Read this, interesting story! Tell me what to do!

    I echo what others say - say thank you and move on. You are very fortunate. But be darn sure to play the snare you received before parting with it! I have a heavily pitted Supra that looks gnarly, but it sounds absolutely wonderful.
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    Buyers/Sellers Feedback

    I had a great transaction with glynch. He is a quality guy.
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    Indianapolis 46250 - definitely interested.

    Indianapolis 46250 - definitely interested.
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    70's Acrolite $105

    PM sent
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    Hi there! I would like to buy the acro. Happy to send you money however you like - paypal or...

    Hi there! I would like to buy the acro. Happy to send you money however you like - paypal or otherwise. Thank you. - John
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    What is it with lads?

    I am in two bands, and my wife is with me in one of them. Both bands have folks who don't listen. One guy in my other band won't embrace anything that was not his idea, and the rest of us have to beat on him to go along with others' ideas. That type of musician (read: lead guitar player lol)...
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    WTB Paiste Sound Formula Reflectors

    Still looking. Thank you.
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    Latest snare - OMG it's ugly and scary.......I present the Black Ugly!

    I, too, am amazed it plays with no buzz. Nice work! And that outdoor fresh pine smell too!
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    WHATS Your Next drum/music related Upgrade/Purchase?

    Having just acquired Paiste Sound Formula Reflector 14" SE hi-hats, 16" thin crash, 18" full crash, and 20" ride, I hope to buy: Paiste Sound Formula Reflector 18" thin crash Someone please sell me one. LOL. They're unicorns. I also would like to get a decent mixer for the drum mics, but...
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    Someone (not me) just put up a mess of Paiste 2002 cymbals in mint condition on Reverb at what appear to be reasonable prices.
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    Pet peeve "The audience can't tell the difference"

    I think he reflects the typical audience. It sounds better to them, they may not realize why. He at least realizes why even if he cannot put his finger on the exact tiny details. But, it still sounds better, and I think everyone notices that.
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    Pet peeve "The audience can't tell the difference"

    I know the audience can hear the difference, even if they don't recognize what the difference is. Both my bands are instrumental trios, and so there is a lot of sonic space for me to fill with my drumming. Quality tones, and ghostnotes and flourishes, and choosing the right times to be spartan...
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    What drums are you not fond of? A silly thread!!!

    I have a Yamaha DP wood snare that I lovingly re-wrapped, cleaned, restored, the works. I tried multiple head combos, different snare wires, etc. No matter what it sounds like sh*t. Overtones for days, and even a mystery rattlely thingy. I even put a Remo suede head on it, and taped the...