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    18" Giant beat pairing - suggestions?

    I do the same pairing - 18, 20, and 22 GBs with a 16” Sig Traditional Thin for brighter, fast decay crashes. It pairs very well. Good luck!
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    UFIP FX Trash China 20"

    Bump. Price reduced again.
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    Basic Triggering Live For Idiots

    I have an SPD-One which I use for claps and the occasional Simmons-style snare sound. It may not be best for you or perfect, but it does the trick I need it to do. And you can import too if not using the built-in sounds.
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    Is it worth the time?? How difficult. . .

    Yeah, I was not contemplating putting expensive wrap over existing wrap. Rather, I have an old Yamaha DP kit that I thought about wrapping just for fun. Our singer is an artist and has a large format textile printer, so we were going to make our own and just try it out. Sorry if I offended...
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    Is it worth the time?? How difficult. . .

    That is genius. I presume it is bad form to put wrap over wrap? I have an old Yamaha kit I am thinking of re-wrapping just for fun, hence the question.
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    Paiste, Zildjian, Sabian

    Bump, and also highlighting the free 18" to anyone who can use it in education. (See post #11.) Thank you for looking.
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    Put down my Princess today

    Very sorry for your loss. I lost my best canine friend in November, and it's still really tough. Hang in there.
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    UNIX Snare Drums

    Close. And really I am referring to trade names when I say it's only enforceable in the same line of business. Continuing with what Murat said, I could probably have a McDonald's Dry Cleaners. (Trade name - not same line of business.) But I could *not* use the golden arches logo/brand/trade...
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    Wanted: Yamaha Live Oak Custom 13" Rack and 18" Floor Tom (Amber Sunburst)

    I just scored a 13 on Reverb. They pop up. Keep looking there.
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    UNIX Snare Drums

    Put very simply (and multiple volumes could be written on it): A trademark is typically only enforceable in the same line of business.
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    Toms Up - How Flat?

    Slightly, yes, but not very much.
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    Toms Up - How Flat?

    Why? I see it done often, so I question whether there in fact is a benefit in terms of playing. Thankfully, I am past the point of doing it for aesthetics or to fit in. Appreciate all the responses. Very informative.
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    Toms Up - How Flat?

    I set up my rack toms (or "up" toms) angled toward me some (less than some others do, but definitely not flat). I see lots of folks set theirs up totally flat, i.e,. with the batter head roughly parallel to the floor (like a floor tom). I have tried that a few times and cannot seem to get...
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    Buyers/Sellers Feedback

    Likewise, easy and professional on your side, mewing. Thank you.
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    UFIP FX Trash China 20"

    Bump - Significant price reduction