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    SOLD Slingerland '70s 3 ply 14x22 bass drum, original mahogany finish

    Nice looking drum Rich. Serial number? GLWS
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    What years did Ludwig offer these heads?

    2nd type pointy badge and serial number (968xxx) are ~'72-~'73 per Rick Gier's dating guide. Other expected attributes of that drum would be a large knob tone control and P-85 black face, 12-hole, strainer.
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    What years did Ludwig offer these heads?

    What badge and serial number?
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    Vintage Slingerland 9" x 13" Blue Ripple 1950s/60s Rack Tom Drum COB Hoops

    Blue Ripple Pearl first cataloged in 1960. Last year for mahogany interiors is '63. Last year for 2 pad tone control is '61. Most likely '60/'61 for your drum. COB hoops if original. Nice. GLWS.
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    Paging Slingerland Experts

    5-ply shells do not have re-rings. Yes, serials can help estimate date.
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    Paging Slingerland Experts

    The black kit appears to be later 70's, possibly even early 80's. They may be 5-ply shells if that makes a difference to you.
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    Is it possible to delete a post?

    I can understand why it may have been removed as an option. Some members would delete their post(s) days or weeks later and it can really disrupt the continuity of a thread. The feature was handy when initially posting a response, for example when two people post the same answer at nearly the...
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    Single ply or 3-ply?

    It can be identified much better with the head removed.
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    Vintage metal shell slingerland drum kit

    What are the sizes? Looking forward to more/detailed pictures.
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    Early 60s Gretsch with Dixon Piccolo snare.

    Several weeks ago you posted these drums had been sold??? https://www.drumforum.org/threads/sold-gretsch-drums-early-1960s.201961/#post-2383684
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    Slingerland help please

    Yep, keen observation Mark.
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    Slingerland TDR or maybe Buddy Rich

    Careful, the three air vents alone does not verify a Buddy Rich model. Several snare models featured the three air vents including the Concert King, Spitfire and post Buddy TDR's.
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    Mod orange

    I'm going with 16" and 18" floor toms.
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    Is it possible to delete a post?

    I thought there was a 'delete' option in edit a post? Can't find it now.