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    1958 Slingerland kit

    With a few exceptions, Slingerland had ceased using the 'Radio King' name by '58, so technically not 'Radio Kings', although the construction is fundamentally the same. What are the sizes? 22, 13, 16? Additional pictures of the snare would be helpful also. Looks pretty good (with just a few...
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    Slingerland 60s tone controls – large knob vs. small knob?

    ^^^^Yes, be aware of this^^^^
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    Slingerland 60s tone controls – large knob vs. small knob?

    Though an admittedly small data set, my research suggests '68 is the transition year from the small knob j-hook muffler to the large knob j-hook muffler. The lowest black/brass badge serial I have recorded with a large knob j-hook muffler is ~165xxx. I have several examples in the same range...
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    Slingerland 60s tone controls – large knob vs. small knob?

    Black/brass badge with serial 88955 is most likely early '66. The correct tone control is the small knob j-hook.
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    Dixie USA (Rogers)

    The MIJ stencil 'Dixie' badge does not include the "USA" under the X. The MIJ stencil 'Dixie's' were sold by Grossman Music Corp., which also owned Rogers.
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    Can Anyone told me anything about this Slingerland drum

    Conway cloud badge used from 2003-2008 during Gibson ownership. Die cast hoops are correct for some Conway models.
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    Slingerland Set-o-matic alternative

    thejohnlec, you've got some nice pieces there, go with an original set-o-matic or the Maxwell repro. BTW, hold out for an original WMP floor tom also.
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    1965 Slingerland Black Sparkle

    Nice Krupa 1N kit. Shouldn't thread title be "1965 Slingerland Black Sparkle"?
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    Slingerland snare 1-ply maple or 3-ply? Possible Radioking?

    3-ply is most likely and not a Radio King.
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    Does this look like a one ply Artist?

    Very good, those are typical numbers for later '65. Thanks for posting.
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    Does this look like a one ply Artist?

    +1 with jptrickster, 3-ply. From the outside in: thin mahogany, thick poplar, thin maple. Got some serials for this snare and the bass drum?
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    New-to-me Slingerland Radiokings 13/16/26

    Definitely need more/better pictures to help you out. Grainy picture is hinting at a mix of eras.
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    Slingerland Radio King Drum Set

    Tama CW, no badge on the 9" x 13" (if there was one that would be a huge red flag). The '50 - '53 oval badge shown in photos is on the 14" x 20" with floor tom legs. Snare is '48 - '50 by badge and fine details of strainer narrow it further to '48 - '49. Bass drum is '55 - '56 by badge and...
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    The Official Slingerland Drum Thread

    More info needed.
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    The Official Slingerland Drum Thread

    More detailed pictures are required to properly identify these drums. I agree the snare appears to have the first 'large oval' badge (late '47 - '50). The toms should not have badges.