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    I hope....

    all this social distancing non sense is over with by Oct. 10th 2020
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    How many songs do you play in a gig?

    Here is a set list that we were going to use at the first of the canceled gigs.
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    OT 3 beers and clippers

    Ok, its time for me to come out of the closet. I have never liked what I looked like from a fresh hair cut from a barber, hair salon, for men or women, ever, EVER! My big nose and melon shaped head all working against me. About 1990 I bought a Flowbee. Thats right...aaaaa Flooooobeeeeeee...
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    OT 3 beers and clippers missed a spot on top!lol
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    So what is so special about Rogers drums?

    Gotta love those suicide doors!
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    O/T...Bike inner Tubes

    thanks again everybody!
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    O/T...Bike inner Tubes

    Copy that
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    O/T...Bike inner Tubes

    You are entitled, LOL
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    O/T...Bike inner Tubes

    Just found a brand called Duro. Touted to be thicker walled. Standard valve. I think I am going to pull the trigger. Thanks everyone for the input. Be safe all! Joe
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    O/T...Bike inner Tubes

    So are there any brands of tubes that are considered better, stronger, more durable that others?
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    O/T...Bike inner Tubes

    So a standard air chuck like used on a car tire will not work on a Presta valve stem??
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    O/T...Bike inner Tubes

    I know there are many here that are cyclists. Looking for recommendations for a good quality inner tube. I would like to start riding again casually for exercise. No off road riding. Tire size = 26x2.125. There is a label on the rim with these numbers, 559x20. What does this mean? I will...
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    Jeff Porcaro tuning tips

    As promised here are a couple of pictures. The material is similar to what the airlines provide as blankets on flights but a bit thicker. My current tuning for toms is reso head lower tension than batter. The journey continues.
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    Builder in Michigan...

    If I may ask, please message me also. Thanks Joe
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    Semi-OT: Adam Schlesinger has died

    Stacy's mom has got it going on!