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    Time for your Office Pics! It's been a while.

    Yeah its a pandeiro... from Remo. I mount it using the tambourine cradle from Black Swamp Percussion. The instrument sits on elastic shock cord, so it can move. Has legs for table-top paying -- and a hole so it can be mounted on an ordinary cymbal stand, which is what I do. I will sometimes...
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    Time for your Office Pics! It's been a while.

    Yesterday at the annual Tug Boat Festival on the Erie Canal, in Waterford NY. only 5 mounted instruments: saw blade, cowbell, Cajun triangle, pandeiro & rivet cymbal; lots of hand percussion options, plus a washboard (not seen in pic)
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    Trio gigs with Matthew Shipp + Rob Brown

    Newman Taylor Baker plays with Matthew Shipp, too. Do you know him ? Fine drummer and washboardist extraordinaire !
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    "The Engine": Does a Nickname Help You Achieve Rock Stardom?

    Lee Harvey Blotto, drummer of the band Blotto ("I Wanna Be A Lifeguard", "Metalhead"). (He's a friend of mine, and a respected intellectual property attorney under his given name.)
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    Tough Being a Rock Fan

    It gives you time to save up more money, so that you can afford a couple beers at the concert.
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    yes, another one of those "Name My Band" threads

    here's one I made up, but never used : The Soul Briquettes (It's a takeoff on the word 'sobriquet'. It has Soul, which is always a good thing to have. And briquettes is charcoal, which burns hot and cooks !) of how about : The Rock Tumblers (anyone else have a lapidary set when you were...
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    LA Uke festival

    The shape of things to strum: Russian balalaika (Soviet era), Eddy Finn 'camp style' ukulele, Greg Nason cigar-box uke.
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    Any bass players here?

    I have spent the majority of my almost-40 year performing career as a bassist in various bands, various styles of music. I have also enjoyed playing percussion in less formal situations, and always thought how much fun it would be, to be the full-time percussionist in a working band. About 6...
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    gig cancelled ?
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    Angling Cymbals away from you??

    I don't know what to say about tilted-away cymbals; never seen it until this thread. However, tilting the drums away, I can see the hipster appeal there ... you see it in old photos of jazz guys from the 20's/30's. (I waiting to see a row of temple blocks across the bass drum make a comeback).
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    Universal Percussion? (Cannon Products, Wuhan, etc)-CLOSING!

    You must be thinking of Hong Kong.
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    Playing a bass drum horizontally

    I think the discerning point is: is bottom head played with a pedal, or is top head being played with sticks/mallets.. or both. Consider that in it's most common usage in a drum set, the bass drum plays an essential role, of course. But as an instrument in and of itself, particularly w/ a...
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    Playing a bass drum horizontally

    Awesome. It's been several years since I have been to one; I opt for GreyFox, instead, usually the same weekend... and closer to home. Hope you have a great time. Jennifer Frank (Keith's sister) is one of my all time favorite bass-players.
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    Who came up with the term "shell pack" ?

    And when does the number of pieces in a shell pack include the snare, and when doesn't it ? You don't know until you read the fine print as to what is not included. I'll see two drum sets, right next to each other in a catalogue, both advertised as "4 Pieces". One is bass, floor & two rack...
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    VIOLENT FEMMES: Friday Five-Fer

    Have you seen the current version of the band ? John Sparrow plays a mean charcoal grill !!