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    22 ways to record a drum set using 1 mic

    Hopefully this can be of some help! All the info are in the video and in the yt description.
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    Paiste Innovations 20" Medium Ride

    Ah, my bad then. It definitely works as a "power crash" type, it weights about 2464g after all :p The Innovations line doesn't have much in common with the Signature line apart from the logo, it was regrettably discontinued in 2005 and samples are getting harder and harder to come by, you can...
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    Paiste Innovations 20" Medium Ride

    Thanks! You can hear it being crashed by itself @ 1:25 and in a groove @ 2:55.
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    Paiste Innovations 20" Medium Ride

    I got this one new for a fairly low price to go with my beloved Inn 14" medium hats. Currently for sale here, as I'm trying to finance a snare build and it's not like I NEED 6 different rides...
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    Paiste Sound Formula (FrAnkEnStEin) 20" Full Ride

    One of two demos recorded the same day, I got this one to replace the round logo SF Full Ride I had to part with hoping that it would sound just about the same, but as it turns out it sounds very close to the current Sig Full Ride, so I'm now looking into selling this one and finding another...
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    Foreign car, foreign cymbals..?..

    I play Paiste but I mostly drive a japanese car. Both look like the best options to me so... :p
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    Lugs and hoops for a 13" snare build, 6 lug + die cast vs 8/10 lug + triple flange?

    Glad to know the die cast rims are fine, I'll see if they have some more available then... Great looking drums Mark, I'm a fan of the "sober looking" blue one! Could you give us some more info on their specs? Thickness, material, bearing edge angles, and most importantly, how do they sound...
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    Lugs and hoops for a 13" snare build, 6 lug + die cast vs 8/10 lug + triple flange?

    Thanks a lot for the link JDG, I can't say I would buy "out of round" die cast hoops, but if those aren't really out of round they're sure worth a try even if I'd have to buy them from the other side of the pond. Please let me know what the defects are, if any, when yours arrive! About those...
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    Lugs and hoops for a 13" snare build, 6 lug + die cast vs 8/10 lug + triple flange?

    Thank you for the advice and info guys, really helpful! Sounds like 8 lugs it is... Worst case scenario I can always find new hoops if I don't like the first ones I get for the snare - 8 lug 13" does look easier to come by. About the the thinner shell + "reinforcement rings", I seem to have...
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    Lugs and hoops for a 13" snare build, 6 lug + die cast vs 8/10 lug + triple flange?

    Hi, I'm embarking in the task of building a snare drum and I'm looking for some opinions from the more experienced people here! I'd like a "tight", punchy, sensitive and high pitched sound with a very pronounced attack, but not really a dry sound without overtones or sustain, kinda like the...
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    Heavy ride + low-pitched??

    Pitch is also affected by lathing and hammering. I have a 20" Paiste Innovations ride weighting about 2500g that has a mid-high pitched ping but a pretty low pitched wash - my Tongxiang 20" ride weights about 1890g IIRC, and the tail doesn't sound any lower than that of the Inn. There's an audio...
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    Can Hi Hats be Altered to Become Thinner/Lighter?

    The only way would be to (have someone) lathe them, but unless you're sure that you'll get the sound you expect after you've had them lathed, you're sure whoever will lathe them is experienced with cymbals etc., or money is no object for you, I would much rather flip them and get a different...
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    Paiste Innovations Cymbal set

    Very nice and versatile cymbals, now also quite hard to find, I would love to get the crash if not for the overseas shipping cost + taxes... Definitely jump on it if you want some sweeter and lower-pitched 2002-like sound guys!
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    Anybody have any experience with UFIP cymbals?

    I'm italian so I had the chance to use a number of different UFIP cymbals in a number of different contexts, and I've never liked them. I've broke some (while I've had no such problem with other high quality cymbals) and I have this very vivid memory of a keyboard player I rehearsed for a...