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    Cool Album Cover Art Work

    Miles Davis Bitches Brew.
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    Wanted 12" acrylic shell

    Looking for an 8x12 (depthxdia.) clear acrylic shell preferably not drilled no cracks bearing edges ok.
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    Jam blocks

    Got some for sale if your interested.
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    SpeedKing - Puresound - LP

    LP stuff still available
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    Who here are part of the 50 year (or more) club?

    1964 For me the music store I started at is long gone.
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    SOLD Please Delete - Ludwig Black Galaxy

    Price reduced
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    SpeedKing - Puresound - LP

    SOLD - Ludwig SpeedKing pedal has been refurbished $45 shipped SOLD - PureSound Blaster wires 20 strand 14" new $20 each $50 for all three shipped. LP Percussion Jam Blocks high pitch $20 medium pitch $30 both for $45 Shipped. LP mountable tambourine dimpled brass jingles. $30 shipped
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    SOLD Please Delete - Ludwig Black Galaxy

    Bumpity bump bump.
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    SOLD Please Delete - Ludwig Black Galaxy

    Ludwig Black Galaxy: serial number 6271026 5X14 good condition black/white badge Remo Ambassador batter head almost new. Remo Hazy reso head almost new. Ludwig Wires. $120 $115 Plus shipping from 03038. PayPal or Money order ok. Reasonable offers will be considered.
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    SOLD...mods, please delete...60's fibes 20/12/14

    I have a Fibes copper wrap kit from the 70's When Martin owned them. The kit has only seen three owners. My dad, my nephew and me. The copper is definitely metal. It is not copper. It is steel that has a copper finish of some kind applied to it. Trust me when I say I know this for a fact because...
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    I've been to London :)

    Just think someday I'm going to able to say "I new her when she was just starting out" good for you.
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    Zildjian A 14" (reduced)