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    What Are You Listening To?

    The best version of Cantalope Island I think I've ever heard. The band I just joined does this song, but not like this... Jack D's Sonor kit is on display at Maxwells Drum Shop in NYC. I grabbed a pic of it last month when I was there. 24 hour shell gas station near me
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    Frank Beard

    Nice. Happy Birthday to Frank (next time - could someone put HB in the title. Everytime I see just a name of an old RnR dood or doodette, I think, UH OH!)
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    VF Buddy Rich Sticks

    I know right? The Bopworks 40's Swing Classic model stick looks closer to what he probably used. Dont really care though, they could say anything on them and I would still play them.
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    VF Buddy Rich Sticks

    Not terribly hard. In the beginning I was having a hard time finding a stick i could feel comfortable with and my instructor handed me a pair of Buddys and it was instant love. Then I found the Jack D's and loved them too, because of they are the same length and diameter (probably 5b-ish) and...
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    Effect of unlathed bell (Zildjian K Sweet crash cymbals)

    I have a K Custom Dry ride. The bell is awesome. Unfortunatly the cymbal is a brick and doesnt crash well. I take the good with the bad and put an 18" K Custom Fast Crash a wrist flick away and to the right of the Dry ride. They pair up very well. I tried a K Sweet at Guitar center and I liked...
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    VF Buddy Rich Sticks

    Cool. I have a 3rd pair that has dissappeared to check against. The new ones are about 2 weeks old. The ones on the right have gotten alot of use and abuse. I use Jack DeJohnette sticks too and those tips dont really sharpen, but they do get cracked and chuncks of the tips go missing. I really...
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    VF Buddy Rich Sticks

    Did they change the tip design or did I really wear them out so badly that it's too hard to tell?
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    What Are You Listening To?

    My new bestest and favoritest drummer, Tony "TC" Coleman. I think I'm gonna just give up on jazz and just focus on this. I've always been a blues player (guitar) my whole life. Might as well stick to what I know.
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    Wuhan Cymbals

    Nope. I have the same love/hate relationship with Wuhan too. I have all those others you have and a couple of rides. I had also bought the 19" to fill a niche. I think it's the worst crash cymbal they make. I still have it. God only knows why the 19" sucks and the 18" crash ride is brilliant! I...
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    Big Sound From A Tiny Kit

    I made a travel/bop style kit from 3 of my 6 piece Gretsch Catalina Maple shells. I even managed to find a 4 1/2 x 10" Catalina Maple snare drum too. The 16x16 floor tom is a now a kick with a Remo P3 Powerstroke and the reso head is the Evans supplied Gretsch logo batter that came with the...
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    How a "5A" is made

    I play VF Buddy’s and Jack D’s regularly but I’ve recently got a pair of Bopworks 8D Art Blakey sticks and they are pretty darn good too. I like that VF sorts the sticks to keep the best looking ones for 5a naturals And sorts the 2nds for VF Grips. I have a pair of those with nylon tips and I...
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    What Are You Listening To?

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    Heads Up: Remo Vintage A QC Issue

    I just put one my Gretsch Cat Maple snare a week ago. So far no issues. I like the sound. Seems like a good match for the maple snare.
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    Bass drum pedal collection any other collectors out there?

    At my house there's a fine line between collecting and hoarding. ;)
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    kinda OT - Drummer's personal relationships w/other musicians/artists

    With much encouragement and a good pair of noise canceling head phones. She’s also a budding upright bass player. Our first date 24 years ago was one of my gigs.