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    Stage custom / Tour Custom??

    I played an SC Birch kit today at Guitar Center. Wasnt looking for anything except some cymbal stand sleeves and a new pair of Buddy Rich sticks. Of all the pieces, I really liked the snare drum. I wish my Cat Maple snare sounded that good. I thought it was an expensive non-matching snare they...
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    Mediocre Drummer Magazine

    Did Louis Bellson write that article?
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    How to play this

    Thank you for the correction. I will strike MY instructor very hard about the head and shoulders next time i see him or I will stop drinking before I go to see him.
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    How to play this

    I think the last one is missing a 1/16 note or a dotted 1/8 on the first beat. Beats 3 & 4 add up. Beats 1 & 2, not so much. I sees 1/8, 1/4 (triplet) and 1/16.
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    Needing a throw off

    You'll be happy. I put one on my Gretsch Catalina Maple snare it works great. So much better than the stock Catalina strainer and I didnt have to re-drill anything.
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    How to play this

    My 2 Cents...Very strange. Is this what the cool kids are playing these days? I'm assuming by the double vertical bar this is 4/4 or Standard Time. The strange thing going on on beat 3 is very weird. I have a feeling that 1/16 note snare hit between the kick/ride 1/8 notes is supposed to be a...
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    Tune-Bot Thread

    When I did mine with a Tune bot Gig, I did the Dennis Chambers settings. Sounded good.
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    OT: Your Favorite Live Album?

    No. I was 2. I do remember Frampton Comes Alive when I was in elementary school. Everone I knew who heard it (mostly my older female sibblings) thought he was saying with his talk box "I want to f*** you" instead of "I want to thank you"
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    Tune-Bot Thread

    I didn't read thru 10 pages so imma gonna be the idiot who will ask again (if it was asked at all). Has anyone charted out Tunebot=Drumdial on a spread sheet? Is it even possible. I have both, A TB Gig and the DD. I mostly use the Drum Dial. And mostly for the simplicity of it.
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    Mediocre Drummer Magazine

    Cool. They made a one for drummers. I've only seen the guitar player ones. There are alot of these. This issue is one of the better ones. In fairness to Antsy McClain, even Eric Clapton would have trouble with an e-chord on a '62 Silvertone.
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    Quantizing John Bonham

    Im not a novice gutiar player and I agree the guy knows his stuff. so much so I shelled out the 50 bucks for his Beato Book and spent the hour to print out 250 pages, double sided, punch the holes and bind it. It is a darn good resource.
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    Mediocre Drummer Magazine

    Good Singles are hard! I dont know nothing about hanigng stuffed animals off toms, but Pickle Rick is the man.
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    I'm Looking For A Drum Made On My Birthday...?!

    Great idea. I was born in 1963. Closest thing I have is a set of 14" Avedis Zildjian hi-hats. Is there a site that will date Gretsch serial numbers like Martin does with their guitars?
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    Best worst excuses to buy gear?

    My wife is an enabler. She made my last cymbal purchase for me when I asked her to pick up a 19" K Hybrid China at my favorite used gear shop. The store guys love her. She knits scarfs and socks for those guys on request. They treat me right. I have spent quick of few dollar there on guitars...
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    What Are You Listening To?

    The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway on Itunes