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    10 Most Important Developments in the History of the Modern Drum Kit

    Man, no one included the Vater clip on beverage holder.
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    Roc n Soc

    I have one and still take the DW round top with screwjack to gigs. It's not very travel friendly. But it is comfortable.
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    What Are You Listening To?

    the most beautiful song ever
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    Me vs my bandmates

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    How do you NOT lose your drum key?

    I treat them like I treat guitar picks. Expendable. I buy them as often as I buy guitar picks. Grab a couple when i go to a music store. I like Dunlop Primtone picks and they are about the same price as a Gibralter drum key 2 pack. 3 bucks. .
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    Just returned a DW9000 hi hat stand I was severely disappointed in. What's the best hi hat stand I can go buy new today?

    I am very happy with my Gretsch G5 Hi-Hat stand. 100 bucks new.
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    Crazy Glue On Wood Tip Sticks

    Great stick! The rebound off the drum head with the round bead is better than the Blakey sticks, but the Blakeys have better stick articulation on the ride. The R&B is also fatter than the Blakey's. Probably more like a 5a. I can hit harder with them. But there is something about the Blakey...
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    Mandatory Monday Guilty Pleasure 80's Jams

    Do you spend a lot of time in strip joints? The Depeche Song seems out of place here.
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    Time for your Office Pics! It's been a while.

    Good news everyone. I didn’t have to play an E-kit for tonight’s gig. We were opened for a killer jazz fusion outfit, so it was a short set. I kept the kit manageable. Did I mention how much I love having options with a 7 pc kit?
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    Crazy Glue On Wood Tip Sticks

    Where were you with this great info before I ruined 2 of my 3 sets of Bopworks Art Blakey sticks? I kid. It’s all good. I’ll try this with the 2 new pair of Memphis R&B sticks I got 2 weeks ago. So far the tips are still good shape. When they have the Blakey’s back in stock I’ll make sure to...
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    Led Zeppelin Greatest Songs Friday Six-fer

    Tort Elvis! (i have this buried in my CD collection. Somewhere.)
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    OT: Podcasts Anyone?

    Drum History Podcast Blues Unlimited Dumb People Town Gilbert Gottfried's Amazing Colossal Podacast The Modern Drummer Podcast with Mike and Mike 2 Minute Jazz Stuff You Missed In History Class Disgracland How Did This Get Made Monday Morning with Bill Burr The Adam Corolla Show The Dennis...
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    Hello - First post, Gretsch Catalina hardware question 11.3 vs 12.7mm L-Arm

    My mid teen's Catalina Maple kit has 12.7 tom mount arms and 10.5 Floor tom legs. This was apprent after I ordered a 12.7 Dunnett floor tom to kick drum conversion kit only to find it didnt fit.
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    What happened after western swing music was imported to Austria?

    She looks like Corrine Drewery from Swing Out Sister.