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    Rebeats Chicago Show: What are you bringing to sell/trade, looking for, or displaying?

    Packed and ready to go is a Gretsch 125th Anniversary 20,12,14,4x14 Cadillac Green with Gold Plated Hardware, NEW in the original boxes. Mint Camco LA Stradivarius 20, 8,10,12,13,14,15. Mint 50's Gretsch 3-Ply Blue Sparkle 22,13,16,6.5x14. Nice 60's Gretsch WMP 18,12,14,4x14 which was Chet's...
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    Price Check on Gretsch 125th Anniversary Set.

    That’s it, I just picked it up and my Jazzette went to a great player who’ll make them sing. Thanks everyone for the input. I was going to bring them to the Chicago Show but I’m very attracted to shiny gold things so they may end up in my music room (Original heads stored).
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    Price Check on Gretsch 125th Anniversary Set.

    I’m Jazzette covered with this Pre-serial Baby Ringo so the mahogany one is an extra.
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    Price Check on Gretsch 125th Anniversary Set.

    I have an offer to trade my Mahogany Jazzette set with excellent chrome, though it does have scratches and a switched 60's front hoop, for a 2008 Cadillac Green/Gold Hardware 20,12 14,4x14 that is new in the boxes (Never played). I would like to know the value of the Gretsch set. Thank you.
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    1951 Leedy and Ludwig Broadway

    Nice drums. I always thought Leedy & Ludwig were some of the best value in vintage drums. Beautiful shells with excellent bearing edges at reasonable prices.
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    If you were looking for a good vintage MIJ kit…

    Oops, I just corrected it. Thanks
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    If you were looking for a good vintage MIJ kit…

    I just got this late 60’s 20/12/14/5x14 together to bring to the Chicago Show. The Red Thunder wrap is stunning!
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    Camco LA Stradivarius 20/8/10/12/13/14/15

    Thanks everyone. I’ve had this set for many years but never played them because I usually play 4 piece sets with the small tom, ride/crash cymbal, and cowbell mounted on the bass drum, just like the 60’s catalogs (I’m also my own drumtech). I have that covered with another LA set so I really...
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    Camco LA Stradivarius 20/8/10/12/13/14/15

    Thanks. That would be my guess though I didn't get any stands with it.
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    Camco LA Stradivarius 20/8/10/12/13/14/15

    Yep, the smaller tom is 5.5" instead of 6.5". My old girlfriends used to point this out, too.
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    Camco LA Stradivarius 20/8/10/12/13/14/15

    Here’s a rare set. A Stradivarius 14x20 bass drum with 5.5x8, 6.5x10, 8x12, 9x13, 10x14, 12x15 toms in Pristine Condition. The 8 and 10 toms have the factory bottom bearing edges so heads could be added by switching to center lugs. I always thought this would be a great set for a recording studio.
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    Transition Badge family portrait

    Nice Super-Ludwig family, Bijan. I play a Transition 5x14 Super-Ludwig (Pre Supra-Phonic) a lot.
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    Ludwig “Butterscotch Pearl” story

    Nice job on the article, Bob. It will be interesting to see if more sightings or drums surface, like the above 10x14's drums.
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    Help With Identifying what I have. Camco/Hoshino/Tama?

    There's some info on Hoshino Camcos in a May 17, 2021 post called - Tell me about these Tama made Camco. Here was my 2 cents: Jolo Well-Known Member Gold Supporting Member JoinedNov 16, 2007Messages456Reaction score201LocationFrostbite Falls, MN Nice score, Rich, Hoshino Camcos were made in...
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    LA Camco 14x14 - 40% or 60% Off!

    The finish is a little redder than it appears though it is a darker version of Stradivarious similar to the 10x14 in the photo. (Stradi-VARY-us) Connecting it together will require a reinforcing ring and I believe I have a donor ring from a trashed parade drum. The following options have...