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    New Hi Hat shopping

    A regular K should fit the bill too.
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    RIP Joe Porcaro

    Very sad. He’s had his share of tragedy in the family, but never the less not many have given as music to music as they have. RIP!
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    OT: Great Gretsch GUITAR Sound

    The rhythm guitar player in AC/DC, Malcom Young, played Gretsch.
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    What stick do you wish they would make ?

    I liked the Ringo stick when he was with Promark. Please make it again.
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    Tuning Bass Drum with Tune-bot

    I tune to an E usually. 61Hz on the beater side, 91Hz on the resonant side. Ported or not ported is the same.
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    Are 18"-22" deep Bass Drums doomed to be completely undesirable?

    I don’t have any issue with my 18” deep 22” kicks. It’s just another (good) sound.
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    What drums are you not fond of? A silly thread!!!

    DW. Way too much metal on the shell. I also don’t appreciate of generally short note and dull sound. I respect all the awesome finishes they have made and various innovations. Mapex. Dixon. Ddrum. Drumcraft. Crush. Those brands may make god drums. But there’s no story or history that speaks...
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    What is a “small” crack to you on a cymbal?

    For me a cymbal with a crack is a worthless cymbal. Exception is if it’s from a well know play and is only going to hang on the wall anyway.
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    Had to put my 16 yr old dog down and I can't get over it...

    Lovely dog, but I think you did the right thing. Visit the local dog shelter when the time is right and see if anything melts your heart there.
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    O.T. New Stones Song "Living in a Ghost Town"

    Excellent stuff!
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    Paiste SCDR – Does repairing increase value?

    I’d pay USD2 per kg for that one.
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    "Styx" Drummer Todd Sucherman Barely Overplays on Solo Track

    I thought it was a good pop song. Maybe not what his drumming fans was hoping for, but a reasonable song.
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    6.5 x14 aluminum Pearl Sensitone ... how does it compare with 402 ?

    What’s the Pearl equivalent to a Black Beauty?
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    keeping sticks from breaking

    Use the other end.
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    Is anyone buying or selling now?

    I bought a Brooklyn kit from DCP. ‘it’s stuck in the post office in Malaysia now as we’re not supposed to go out for this sort of thing.