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    Rogers Swivo - Counting Screws

    Did someone mention that only two screws are necessary?
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    bellson's gold rogers

    Saw that kit in action quite a few times in and around LA. My parents used to take my friends and I to a number of Louie's gigs, particularly in the SF Valley where I grew up. It looks like some of the hardware is later Fullerton, especially the collet noses. I think I had my hands on that kit...
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    My 1967 Rogers Blue Sparkle "Londoner 6" Last Night

    Yeah, I thought that looked like a funky part, not of that period. When I did it I used two short swivo arms with two way clamps attached to the main tom arms. They ended up almost flush with the main toms and virtually unplayable except to almost stand up to reach them.
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    Best way to cut a cymbal stand tube?

    I confess I've used a hack saw and then used emery cloth to smooth the edges. Seem to work out fine.
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    My 1967 Rogers Blue Sparkle "Londoner 6" Last Night

    Is it possible to get a further closeup of that 8 inch mount? I have an 8 and 10 that I tried to use in a similar fashion and not really able to reach them. I try to emulate the Londoner X sets from later on but the drums felt like they were in the next room. Thanks,
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    My "New" Rogers Blue Sparkle Concert Tom

    I am so impressed. I tried that with the standard HW and could never get it close enough to comfortably play it. That set up works so well. Maybe a swap out of plates is in order. Purests, please look the other way.....
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    Possible Ludwig & Ludwig Copper Tympani Prototype

    If you post the picture to the Timpani Shop Talk Facebook page, those guys and gals know everything there is to know about Timpani and will be able to tell you what it is, if is it a real drum or not.
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    Vintage Drum "graveyard" at Al Drew's in RI

    I was there many years ago when Al was still around. What a fun experience! I remember trying to get them to sell me a beautiful 15 inch Rogers Blue glass Monitor snare drum, but they wouldn't as it was part of the museum. But when Dave ended up putting it on EBAY, I wasn't able to win it it...
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    Rogers knurled L-arms? Did they make?

    I have one! I'll have to dig it out and post a picture. I suppose someone could have altered it. it never really fit a standard kobby, though. it has a swivo cymbal holder on it.
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    why NOT to play traditional grip

    Since I have spent a great deal of time playing Timpani and concert percussion, matched grip seems much easier around the drumset than before. Having said that, there just seems to be some things that feel better playing traditional grip on the set, mainly having to do with playing snare-hihat...
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    Which 20" bass drum head?

    I've used a Pinstripe head on the batter side with a moleskin patch on my 20 inch Rogers almost since they came out. At first, I had a regular Ambassador head on the front, but I now have an ebony smooth on there. I have always gotten compliments on the bass drum sound whether miked or not. In...
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    Rogers Dayton Lefty!

    I got a Rogers Londoner so I could play them left handed. Of course, the tom logos always faced in. But I never had a problem. Of course, I always had to bring my drums everywhere I went because I am left handed. I acquired a Rogers shell that looks like it was factory drilled for a lefty. But I...
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    Greatest Rock drummer/ showman?

    The who was one of the best concerts I ever saw, so I have to give the nod to Moonie, but there were much better drummers out there. Never cared for Carmen, Neil or Portnoy. I was a Colomby, Seraphine, Danelli, Ringo guy
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    Strand Assembly for Slingerland TDR Marching Snare

    I've got one of those with gut snares. I have been looking to replace them because all the adjustment screws are broken and I cannot tighten the snares enough. But unwilling to pay the prices on EBAY for a set of gut snares because I am not sure it would be any better. I would like to retrofit...
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    What??? prototype my a**

    I fell out of my chair on that one! :shock: :idea1: :oops: