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    How much have you spent on drum lessons?

    !! A.TomicMorganic Oscar Peterson Trio School !? that sounds incredible. did you all work on those trio arrangements as part of the school? I would like to hear more about that if you are willing to share. thanks. as for myself, my dad was a high school band director so when I told him at...
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    video streaming vs audio

    I did sort out the issue that I was having. I had to lower my settings on the Apollo to 16/44,100. (I record at 24/88,200). I guess I was just trying to send too much actual data into Zoom and it was buckling under the pressure.
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    video streaming vs audio

    hey all, i'm wondering if people are using their mic'd up studio setups to teach on? I run a UA apollo with 6 mics on the kit. I am teaching online now for obvious reasons. Google hangouts has proven to only see/hear two of my microphones. Zoom seems to see/hear all my mics, but seems to be...
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    SOLD Nord Drum 3P SOLD

    hello @chappy is the Nord still available? thanks!