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    Stanton Moore on Gretsch Brooklyn Micro Kit

    Cool... This video has inspired me to break out my 6x14 Brooklyn Snare tonight for rehearsals.
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    Recommend a crash ride Great deal here. I used to have...
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    Mehmet & Bosphorus Cymbals

    Well scratch the 12" Trad Pang.. Amazon shipped it in an envelope, so it arrived destroyed. What a waste.
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    DW Collector's Series Exotic Dragonwood

    My DW bass drum does not play well with SK1 or SKII, sounds like all mids and no punch. The best heads I have used for that kick are Evans Emad 2 (controlled), and Gmad (max volume).
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    Remo head reformulation?

    I have a new CS Reverse Dot Coated on my Copperphonic. So far, coating has not chipped, and seems to he holding up as well as my WFL III Aluminum that has an Aquarian Studio X.
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    Favorite weird or comical band.

    Mr Bungle, Pigmy Love Circus, Mac Sabbath
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    Mehmet & Bosphorus Cymbals

    Received the 22" Mehmet Traditional Swish. Wow, this one is really thin and dark, very mellow and dynamic, haunting. Sounds great flipped either way, even has a decent bell. I also have the 12" Mehmet Pang arriving today, and an Agop Dry/Dark Splash 10" tomorrow! It's a MONSTER!
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    Zildjian 20" A Take Five Reissue Ride Cymbal - Memphis Drum Shop

    I find it amazing that Zil no longer hand hammers any cymbals. One would think that they would have at least one line of uber-expensive handmade pies. Maybe a K Con Master/Artist series with $999 hi hats.
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    Amazon deals thread

    This one has riverts. They use generic pics on Amazon and most other sites for Istanbul cymbals. The product code RVJ-SZ24 shows the "SZ" in the code, if it were non-riveted it would be RVJ-24. Hope this helps!
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    Amazon deals thread

    There are some great Mehmet deals to be had...
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    Sweetwater Music..

    Love Sweetwater! I REALLY wish they would up their cymbal game and bring in Mehmet, Agop, Bosphorus.
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    Coolest drummer you ever met?

    Danny Carey. Just an outright nice guy!
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    Mehmet & Bosphorus Cymbals

    Erik Smith is a definitely a great feeling drummer, and good presenter of Mehmet cymbals..RC's too!
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    15” hats for jazz combos. Anyone play them?

    Often.. Usually 15" Paiste 602 ME's.
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    What Are You Listening To?

    Got that Friday vibe!!