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    Cool finish technique I'd like to try someday.

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    ON HOLD FOR NOW 1961 Slingerland three piece with shipping prices

    Boy that is tempting. Would love to try a 12x20 bass drum.
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    Mono protectors.

    I make my own out of 1/4" thick craft foam and bungee cord. Costs about $2 per pad.
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    Modern stands with vintage cymbals

    I cut my own sleeves out of polyethylene tubing you buy by the foot at the hardware store. Very similar to the nylon sleeves Ludwig used to use.
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    How to make your own Ludwig style vintage badge grommets.

    Since this thread has popped back up I did want to add a bit to it in response to a facebook conversation I had with someone. The video shows what to do but please understand that all that is the end result of years and years of trial and error trying to make grommets. Now I have it down pretty...
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    Modern stands with vintage cymbals

    The old standard on stands was a 1/4-20 thread cymbal post which meant the post was 1/4" in diameter. When the production of hardware shifted overseas the posts changed to metric, being either 6mm (very close to 1/4") or 8 mm. It used to be that both sizes were readily available but through the...
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    Ludwig Blue/Olive Badges with Serial Number from 917000 to 1291000 - Pictures Wanted

    The unused B/O badge that I have is serial numbered 162XXXX and was taken from the parts bin at the badge workstation during a factory tour in the fall of 1976.
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    DW Performers series vs. Gretsch Renown for a student

    Both are good drums. If it were me I'd want that Gretsch logo on the front for jazz. I've owned both, I still have the Renowns the DW Performances are long gone. Just my opinion though. Some would depend on the size options available. I'd want traditional sizes for Jazz. My Performance series...
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    Ludwig Blue/Olive Badges with Serial Number from 917000 to 1291000 - Pictures Wanted

    Here's some you can use. The ones on the Chrome O' Wood set are from my set I bought in 1975. I bought it slightly used when the original buyer defaulted on his installment plan after a couple of months. It had been in the music store window for quite some time prior to that, perhaps over a...
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    Blues Brothers, James Brown question

    I always thought it was Original Oyster Black too and I assumed it was the same set at Ray's Music Exchange which definitely does not appear to be BB finish. Hard to say with 100% certainty since they all look pretty much the same from a few feet back. When I was in a Blues Brothers band I was...
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    Gretsch 4x14 snare (NOT the Max Roach/vintage RB ones!)

    The silver one has a different throw, more like a small P-85 style. The orange is like a Lightning style. I prefer the other one which you can't really see in the picture. Microsensitives can be problematic on 4" shells unless you have the right one. I believe they made a shorter version for...
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    Ludwig dating question

    Also factor in that the serial number chart on Ludwig's website is not particularly accurate. It's taken from Rob Cook's Ludwig book, not from any internal records. Rick Gier's white paper on the topic is really the best thing to reference.
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    Gretsch 4x14 snare (NOT the Max Roach/vintage RB ones!)

    I think that second one that JDA listed is the exact sort you're looking for and the price is not outrageous. I bought two of those years ago that I rewrapped to match sets (no, not for sale) and they are a good drum. As far as I know Gretsch will still build you a new USA 4x14 but it ain't...
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    Company for custom sticks?

    Maybe so but Jeff is still making sticks. He posted about a new batch two days ago on facebook.
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    Opinions wanted on why Ludwig 14" floor toms seem to be "rare" or uncommon

    Hard to find and usually expensive when you do but they are out there. My preferred setup is one up two down with the two floor toms being a 14 and a 16 so I'm always hoping to find a matching 14" to have as part of my sets. For the most part I have been able to acquire one...eventually. I...