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    Looking for vintage "tripod" cymbal stands

    nickel or chrome?
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    Ludwig 3 ply shells

    Have a 8 by 12 Champagne CLUB DATE...14 by 22" Red Sparkle Trans badge....
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    Looking for tama bell brass hoops

    Are they just die casts?>>I have some clean ones...if so...
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    Ludwig 18 hoop triple flange

    Hi..I have 3..please PM me...thanks
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    Ludwig Clubdate Tension Rods 6"

    Hey Chris..think I have a few (6?) left..still need?
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    Wanted Ludwig tension rods

    Hi...size please?..a pic of 1 would be good also...
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    Gretsch Single Point snare butt end for 3 ply Round badge snare

    Have 2/3rds of 1..needs tension knob though....
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    WTB Fullerton Rogers 24" and 16"

    I am looking at a 24" BD this weekend...Fullerton
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    Slingy 3 point / red/green tone controls

    Hey Joey..I have some red/green ones..BUT..they are faded from the flood in my basement :-(
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    Slingerland straight floor tom legs

    Have some 3 nice shape Premier ones////look the same as Slings....
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    Sonor Teardrops

    Tim..I have a 13" Teardrop 6 ply SHELL only..with badge...PM me if interested...thanks
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    Premier Olympic flat based cymbal stands. Set of 3. NOS!

    I had a music store call me in the late 80's from my MD ad....had LOADS of NOS/still in the box,Prem Lokfast hi hat/snare/cymbal stands!. I think I bought 4 cymbal stands.....which I stupidly sold.......should have bought 40 of them!
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    Gretsch Gold Plated Snare

    Yup..I had one..bought it from Forks...think I paid $400 for it...flipped it for $900 ..the gold missing on it bothered me..... Blair
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    paypal friend payment

    I always figure 3.3% domestic P/P fees.... 4.3 % international.... Usually,I am within pennies doing it this way...
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    Vater Vintage Bomber beater...

    What about the vintage "BOMPER" bd beaters that were out there?>Said it right on it....