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    Most Important Drum Method Book

    First book I read was Chapin's and yes it was influential. And I bought Gaddiments. John Ramsay's book "The drummer's complete vocabulary as taught by Alan Dawson" might not be described as a 'method" but Mr. Dawson was certainly methodical. The first drummer I saw at a clinic, in 1975, I was...
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    Not sure I dig my Speed Cobra BD pedal. Thinking I should try out some short board direct-drive pedals. Recommendations?

    agree, my Speed cobra came with Cobra rubber beaters, not the supplied “Accu-strike” beaters, original owner had already swapped them out, said the accu-strikes were not durable.
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    Not sure I dig my Speed Cobra BD pedal. Thinking I should try out some short board direct-drive pedals. Recommendations?

    I bought a like new but used speed cobra double this summer, (for $525 CAN, needed for “smash-up endings”), agree the footboard is a bit long, it’d very well designed/built pedal but I think meant for what it’s called; Speed. It’s really more than I need, I’d be fine with a DW 3000. The drummer...
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    What’s with the blackros over $200

    I realize the op may have referred to 5” Blacros but I feel a need to say; I paid $160 CAN for my used but minty 6/12” Blacro in 2011. (I eventually sold my 1974 Supra because I only used the Blacro). I turned down an offer of $300 CAN for my Blacro in 2018. Today in Canada a new Supra or...
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    OT - Canadian Bands

    Canadian bands still touring: Mother Mother, (Ali Siadat), my fave, (and who went viral in 2020 on Tiktok, got them a Rolling Stone feature). also Walk off the earth, (from my home town of Burlington ON), Tea Party, Blue Rodeo, (Glen Milchem), Kathleen Edwards, Jann Arden, Barenaked Ladies, Kim...
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    Neil Peart China Type Cymbals

    I had a 20” Zildjian “Pang”, bought new in 1976, had it for 30 years, it was a medium weight cymbal, lots of low overtones compared to the 20” china that I also had. I used it right side up as a 2nd ride as I liked the bell. Subjective opinion is that it wash more “whooshy” than trashy...
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    30 years - Same kit

    For playing gigs with a P.A. that can handle drums, instead of mics, I’ve been using the Yamaha EAD. It’s a sensor that attaches to the top hoop of your bass drum, batter side, but picks up the entire kit. The “brain” unit it comes with offers a lot of different drum sounds, (some perhaps too...
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    Keller getting out of the drum shell business ?

    their web site looks better than ever, very detailed offerings of all kinds of shells, Why would they stop selling shells? Not making a profit? I don't think they have a lot of competition... https://www.kellershells.com
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    Drumming in your (age range) Poll

    So far looks like less than 10% under age 30 and the majority in their 60's which, based on my observations since 2007, is what I would have guessed. In a possibly related note, at my local drum shop last week, checking out new Pearl e-merge kit, ($6000 CAN), I was told that quite often...
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    What lead to have for PA on-stage monitoring?

    in-ear monitors can damage your ears just as easily as monitor speakers. Great if you are using them correctly. As another thread mentioned recently make sure your in-ears have a limiter to prevent a blast of feedback hurting you, for example a Behringer P1 headphone amp has built-in limiter...
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    Our kids did / did not follow in our percussive footsteps

    My daughter played drums between 12 and 17, in her thirties now she sings & plays uke fronting her own band. My son played trombone in high school, now he only plays baseball. I'm just happy that they are happy! Maybe you are only as happy as your happiest child? aren't most little kids...
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    Chad Smith’s Paiste set revealed

    interesting that he chose a PSTX 20" med crash, (in place of his "holy china'?), not an expensive cymbal, Chad mentions it's invigorating to change things... I will keep my old Zildjians but love my 2002's.
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    An interesting perspective on backing tracks from Rick Beato

    Watching the new ITCOTCK documentary I was enlightened by Robert Fripp's comment that, while KC played with a click, they did not play to the click, they played to each other. Good way to think about it. I had to play to a click at a few festivals this summer and certainly found it harder to...
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    A new documentary offers a psychological study of King Crimson

    Watched last night. Paid $25 CAN, worth every penny to me, fascinating insight into the world of Robert Fripp & KC. The scenes with Bill Rieflin affected me the most. Made me count my blessings. Seems like he was a funny and brilliant artist that refused to stop creating even when suffering...
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    Did we mention that starting a drum company is hard?

    Congratulations on having the stones to bring new ideas to the drum market. Who knows, maybe your 12 point tension rod will be copied by other builders and become more common? It makes sense to me and I dislike the concept that nothing should change because "that's the way we've always done it...