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    Found,,,Thank you...please delete 1970's Ludwig/ other makes 3/8"- 5/16" "L-Arm" 1 or 2...

    You can buy 3/8" rod in either steel or aluminum in any decent hardware store...aluminum can be bent by hand in a vise, but I think you'd need a torch to bend the steel.
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    Color to match vintage Gretsch walnut kit?

    That floor tom looks like Antique Maple to me...
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    Chick Corea on Roy Haynes cymbal

    I thought it was an 18" Paiste 602 Flat Ride. I think first Roy Haynes played it on "Now He Sings Now He Sobs. Then he gave it to Chick... After that many drummers played it. Barry Altschul, Airto, Jeff Ballard....perhaps others too.
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    Gretsch flea market find-before and after.

    Nice! Looks like Antique Maple finish, yeah?
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    My big band playing Basie.

    Off topic here, but what format is your video? It doesn't play on my Mac desktop, but I can play embedded youtube vids no problem....
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    20” K Custom Med. Ride vs. 22”

    In my experience, all Zildjians still vary A LOT. I've had two 20" KCMRs, one was quite a bit lighter than the other, too light for what I wanted at the time. The one I kept is a great Medium Ride, plenty of stick definition, but still very crashable. Has a neutral color, not too dark or too...
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    Buddy Miles

    YES! Great album cover, great album, great drummer, great singer! What sizes are those drums? 12/13/14/16/22, right? He makes 'em look small. I'm surprised the Rogers guys never talk about them....who painted them, how did they cover up the lug holes....Anyhow, they sound good to me. I first...
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    How many instruments is a drum kit?

    I agree with others who think that the "Modern Drum Kit" is ONE instrument. But it didn't start that way. Originally, it was a replacement for two separate percussionists... I think the original poster was thinking about "how many instruments does it take to qualify as a drum kit?" To me the...
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    When you learn cover songs............

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    Modern Pop/Rock/Country Drummers That Play a 20/14/12 Setup?

    Yes, if you're un-mic'ed, a 20" kick definitely has less "presence" than a 22. Less "oomph," less "balls." You can make it work, I've done so for over 40 years, but a 22" bass drum most certainly has a bigger sound than a 20". But bottom line, in my experience, if the bass player is pushing...
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    When (and why) did the 8 inch tom fall out of favor??

    Oops, that's Gavin Harrison!
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    When (and why) did the 8 inch tom fall out of favor??

    I think Weckl stopped using his 8 because he started tuning higher after studying with Freddie Gruber. But I think Steve Smith, who tunes tight, and Gavin Newsom, who tunes looser, still use them....
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    Guess the drummer (no Google look ups either)

    Maybe Gary Chester?
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    Old Friends Cleaned Up

    Do they sound any different?
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    How Much Would a Gig-Worthy Portable E-Drum Set Cost Me?

    Yes, well, remember they won't make a sound without an amp and speakers. That's hundreds of dollars more, and many more pounds of stuff to carry. I could be wrong, but it's my understanding that e-drums need a lot of power and big speakers to do even moderate size rooms.... Maybe all the gigs...