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    Modern Pop/Rock/Country Drummers That Play a 20/14/12 Setup?

    Yes, if you're un-mic'ed, a 20" kick definitely has less "presence" than a 22. Less "oomph," less "balls." You can make it work, I've done so for over 40 years, but a 22" bass drum most certainly has a bigger sound than a 20". But bottom line, in my experience, if the bass player is pushing...
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    When (and why) did the 8 inch tom fall out of favor??

    Oops, that's Gavin Harrison!
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    When (and why) did the 8 inch tom fall out of favor??

    I think Weckl stopped using his 8 because he started tuning higher after studying with Freddie Gruber. But I think Steve Smith, who tunes tight, and Gavin Newsom, who tunes looser, still use them....
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    Guess the drummer (no Google look ups either)

    Maybe Gary Chester?
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    Old Friends Cleaned Up

    Do they sound any different?
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    How Much Would a Gig-Worthy Portable E-Drum Set Cost Me?

    Yes, well, remember they won't make a sound without an amp and speakers. That's hundreds of dollars more, and many more pounds of stuff to carry. I could be wrong, but it's my understanding that e-drums need a lot of power and big speakers to do even moderate size rooms.... Maybe all the gigs...
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    Zildjian cymbal stamp detective work - cymbal now in hand.

    The OP's cymbal does look like an IAK to me. But, is it Brilliant finish?
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    Stanley Spector...anybody study with him?

    Well, okay.... Yes, John O.Reilly studied extensively with Stanley Spector, and came to some agreement with Stanley's widow to use Stanley's material, and his name. I've just reviewed my 2006 "Stanley Spector v1.2" which is available as a pdf download above. I stand by it. Interestingly, the...
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    Calfskin/Rawhide Drum Heads... anyone use them?

    I used a calf head on my snare drum for a while in the '80's. Sounded very good, and excellent for brushes. But, as I've related before, once I was sight reading a Broadway type show. We were up in a loft over the stage. The head kept getting tighter and tighter, and thinner and thinner...
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    Wood hoop users ?

    Well, since you asked, I'd say something like: "meh, it doesn't matter much, but they look cool..." EDIT, some minutes later: I'm sorry, that was kind of snarky, I apologize. Especially since I've only played wood-hoop toms twice, on backline kits. I should have disclosed that in the beginning.
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    Powerstroke 3 vs Ambassador Resonant Bass Drum Head

    I don't think changing your resonant head from a PS3 to an Ambassador is going to make a whole lot of difference. And, btw, if you cut the ring out of the PS3, you'll have an Ambassador head.... A ported or un-ported resonant head makes much more of a difference than which kind of head it is...
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    18x22 or 14x22

    So, as far as I can tell, after reading this thread, there is absolutely no consensus whatsoever....Yeah?...No?... I have limited experience, as all my many bass drums, 18's, 20's, and 22's, have been 14" deep. Except my Yamaha Stage Custom 20", which is 17" deep. The main thing I notice about...
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    Leading with your left and open handed playing...

    Here's a thread with a Billy Cobham clip. Notice that during part of the bass solo, he's riding with his "weak" hand, crossing his Right hand over his left:
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    That is some of the most sophisticated drumming I have ever listened (and watched) to...

    During part of the bass solo, Billy is riding with his RIGHT hand, crossing over his left....
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    Need a bolt for my 1989 GMS tom mount

    Have you contacted GMS?