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    Fibes Austin Purple Sparkle 20-13-16

    Just gonna bump this once more... been busy and haven't had the time to shop this kit. Make me an offer - not desperate but motivated :)
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    Fibes Austin Purple Sparkle 20-13-16

    Bumping this one - still available. I'm traveling a bunch, haven't updated CL, so posting the particulars in original post - thanks!
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    “Minimalist” stand for one tom and one cymbal boom arm?

    For ball-in-socket, nothing is cleaner than the aforementioned Tama Road Pro combo tom/cymbal stand... This is the mad scientist answer, but since you already have a bunch of hardware, the move would be to take the middle section out (with the attached tom mount) and swap in a lighter...
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    Dunnett 6.5x14 Birch Snare - One of a Kind!

    For your consideration - this custom built snare drum by Ronn Dunnet: 6.5 x 14 Birch Shell Cream Lacquer Finish Named "Krispy" Built on 12-9-04 Inscribed: "For my great pal JVN" Custom "Krispy Kreme DUNNETT" tag on interior. JVN is John Van Ness, an east coast brand rep, from whom I bought...
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    Fibes Austin Purple Sparkle 20-13-16

    Looking for $1250 + actual shipping. MAKE ME AN OFFER, IT CAN'T HURT :) - 14x20 - 10x13 - 16x16. - Jasper shells. - Fibes spring-loaded spurs with holders on the bottom of the kick (for when they are removed). - Ludwig/Gibraltar-style tom holder (1" tube) on the kick with single tom arm. - I...
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    More love for Rich Sticks

    Yeah, things got a little empirical :) As much as possible with just four pairs of sticks... A little ironic, given that it's all about feel! I'm inclined to think the two barrel models just happened to be balanced similarly to the front. Neither is a bad pair of sticks by any means, just too...
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    More love for Rich Sticks

    Hey all - just thought I'd (over)share my findings with my first order of Rick Sticks... I've searched for a while for a model I don't have to think about, and got close with Vic Firth models from Stanton Moore (hate the tip) and Jack Dejohnette (Ugh slippery white paint), so I ordered a few...
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    SOLD DW 5000 Single Pedal

    Sorry all, this pedal is long gone... but thanks for the interest.
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    New 6.5 Brass Shootout- Blind Audio Thread

    Also liking #1 then #4 - looking forward to the reveal!
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    What's The Skinny?

    THIS THREAD should be of some help, at least as far as weight is concerned.
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    Evans Vintage Swag?

    Drum key holder is available on the Daddario Store HERE. The original version of it is from Tackle Instruments HERE. Beanie on Reverb HERE.
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    Mono bag

    Love the Mono bag. Well thought out extra pockets, the dividers on the inside are low profile and also more forgiving with rivets than fluffy, high-pile fleece, etc. I'm constantly swapping cymbals out, and find it really easy to do. Love having a backpack bag to keep hands free for other...
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    SOLD Tama Stagestar Bop / Nesting Kit

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    Bonham drum solo - just pure bliss!

    That solo is from a Royal Albert Hall Show 1/9/70... featured on this DVD. "We're Gonna Groove" and "I Can't Quit You" on the Coda album are actually from this show also.