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    Sounds like a scam to me

    Received this exact PM on VDF early this morning. Now it has just appeared as a PM here. Joined today on both sites. Wording is in the third person. From JeffreyKeliWat: Jeff has a Leedy Marvel Strainer (1924-26?)that he wants to part out for a cheaper price maybe you should text him and see...
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    Practice pad recommendation

    I recommend the Sabian Quiet Tone Classic QT-14SD. Uses a real drum head (coated) Sits on a drum stand or just a drum and you can play with sticks or brushes.
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    RIP Ronnie Spector

    This is one of the best rock covers (IMO) of "Be My Baby". This woman has some serious pipes.
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    Wanted: Leedy Marvel Strainer (1924-26?)

    Thanks! I would like to find this to finally get the drum together, but it is such a piece of history that I would also be satisfied if someone had the snare system and needed the proprietary shell. This drum needs to be whole again and played.
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    Dynasonic Value?

    I'm beginning to believe that this is a "suspect" shell with late Fullerton hardware. Along with others observations, I spy a white internal muffler (not black) and the exterior badge shows a lot more wear and age than the shell.
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    Dynasonic Value?

    I thought Rogers stopped making wood Dynasonics during Fullerton? (except for marching models) #4713 sounds like '64-'65 to me.
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    Supersensative date? Complete?

    I don't see any lug gaskets and I found a reference in Rob Cooks Ludwig book that they began to insert rubber gaskets in the mid-90's. So, the date of your drum lies between 1970 through the mid-90's
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    What drummer had the most affect on their bands sound / identity??

    In regards to Identity, I can't separate Bobby Columby with "Blood,Sweat and Tears" and Danny Seraphine with CTA/Chicago.
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    Apparently you don't need felts on your hi-hat clutch if you're Max Roach

    In my experience, this is what happens when a novice stage hand sets up and disassembles a back-line kit. Wing nuts, wing screws cup washers, and felts go AWOL.
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    Ludwig endorser fee list 1970’s…

    It's interesting that while Joe Morello and Gary Burton were featured on Ludwig catalog covers, they were just above the middle of the pack. I wonder if in Shaughnessy's case he had to get more coin because it might require him to be absent from the Tonight show gig. Chicagoan, Bobby Christian...
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    Vintage Hi Hat stand ID

    JDA, Do you know the relationship of Jacque Capelle between the Orange and Capelle Drum Companies? This pedal and the BD pedal show up in both companies catalogs. All I know is that Promark imported them and branded them under their own name (licensed?).
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    Vintage Hi Hat stand ID

    Capelle! I have one that was imported by Promark. Extremely well designed and excellent feel.
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    Fixing an out of round metal snare

    It's brass, so it will flex rather easily. First, ascertain whether the problem is just one side or both. Mark the issues with tape. Start with light pressure and use a light push downward. Work methodically and measure roundness often.
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    Tacks for Tambourine head mounting?

    The tacks used then were anything from simple chrome/nickel tacks to upholstery tacks. The tacks themselves are are just extra insurance. Its the glue that really holds the calf head in place.
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    Wanted: Leedy Marvel Strainer (1924-26?)

    I might as well get this search off the ground for the New Year. I've got a very nice condition 6x14 Leedy Multi-model missing the Marvel Strainer (Leedy's first attempt at a Parallel system). I'm looking for the Parallel bar that goes across the bottom and holds the snares. Any help in...