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    Who’s got a vintage Rogers kit?

    This is my only Rogers kit 72' Holiday I think?
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    Let's See Those Bop Kits

    My friend Rich, gave me these he made them from a early 70's Rogers kit using the 16" floor tom as the bass No extra holes were drilled to make them I started making a cradle for the thirteen to be used as a floor tom from some unfamiliar parts that were hanging around my shop I haven't worked...
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    Yes or No, Bass Drum Pillows

    I like a pillow or something similar
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    Name the best “replacement” drummer

    Artimus Pyle replacing Bob Burns with Lynyrd Skynyard
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    ISO Ludwig drum hoops in nickel

    I am looking for a 15" batter side hoop in nickel and some nickel rods for a center lug (bow ties) keystone marcher
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    Sell or keep 20" floor tom?

    That 20" floor tom is the only shell I still need Have been gathering shells to do a Ian Paice "Made in Japan" tribute kit I have the 26" bass drum a 16" to cut down for the ride tom and a nice 18" floor tom I have an extra 16" Mahogany floor tom shell also As bad as I need one, no way I could...
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    70s Ludwig stainless steel value

    I paid 750.00 about five or six years ago for the same four drums in standard sizes 12"13"16"22" the floor tom is not visible in this pic, but I do have it they are not pristine but nothing hideous, and would clean up very well. They are the only Ludwig kit I own that I have not yet attempted...
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    Carlton drums - Any one here familiar?

    I have never come across a Carlton drum kit so far But a short while back, I won$$ a eBay charity auction for this retired Carlton marcher to add to some others I have collected .
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    Strange but fun summer projects

    One just has to love good, usable, drums for free especially with the whole boomerang factor there. I have never received any that I formerly owned , but I do have a fellow collector pal that regularly calls me to come get project drums he buys on a whim, and then after a while, he decides he...
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    Do you know this kit?

    Benny is correct they are Hoshino Kougyou made, with the wrap removed, and then refinished. The most inexpensive in Hoshino K's product line, with six lug bass drum and the shark tooth lugs. Most came originally with plastic bass drum hoops. These bdp drums cost me fifty bucks along with a...
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    Sonor Force... any good?

    I bought these Sonor Force 2001 drums for $100.00 Just the four drums 20"12"13"14"ft but no snare drum or any hardware save for the double tom holder and the floor tom legs. A while later I gave another hundred for the snare drum pictured. I thought they were well made for a lower line kit...
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    Mij drums

    I paid $500.00 plus shipping for each of these two MIJ kits The Star acrylics are minus the snare drum The Crown kit by Hoshino Kougyou is similar to the Dorado kit in that they both have ten lug bass and snare drums with eight lugs per side on all three toms. pretty uncommon on a stencil kit
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    Kent Experts.....Talk To me....

    No Kent expert here, but I do have two Kent drums with the Walberg and Auge mounting hardware factory installed. Also the mixture of center mounted lugs with separate lugs being found on one kit, is so common, It is nearly a Kent trademark. None of my few Kent bass drums have that cymbal post...
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    Mij drums

    I got mine, which do have some mods to the mounting hardware, for 250.00. The included snare drum is not pictured because it did not match It is an actual Gretsch round badge in white marine pearl
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    Kent drums

    Well I received the 16" champagne sparkle Kent floor tom last week and right out of the box, I realized It was not going to be a very good match with the others (The rest of the kit was at my drum space) Once I set this drum next to the rest, It was clearly not going to do. In fact I have a...