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    OT: Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker

    Saw it on Saturday. Really enjoyed it & my daughter is the twin of Rey :)
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    Fave crash size

    17 & 19 :)
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    Still playing a couple of Premier's :) MK1 Projector & a Genista :) Still wonderful drums & so period perfect for me (Projector) IMG_0966 by Kevin Frost, on Flickr IMG_0970 by Kevin Frost, on Flickr
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    OMG What mystery Premier tom lug is this?

    Not seen one like that before.
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    Removing head logos smooth white vs coated white

    I gave up trying to remove the ink from an Evans Calftone.
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    Glbraltar Stealth Single Tom setup...Why?

    Work very well with 2 up as well :) 9Y0A6907 by Kevin Frost, on Flickr 9Y0A6909 by Kevin Frost, on Flickr 9Y0A6912 by Kevin Frost, on Flickr
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    Glbraltar Stealth Single Tom setup...Why?

    They are ace :) fullsizeoutput_101f by Kevin Frost, on Flickr
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    Only 1 drum set !!!

    This would be incredibly tough for me. I always said my Yamaha RC's are the "Keeper set" But my Pearl Masters MMP "Redline" is there as well due to it's incredible rarity. (Only 5 came into the UK) I would hate to be torn between the two.
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    Any thoughts on these snares?

    I had the Starphonic Maple 14x6 & it was a fantastic snare :)
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    Are your best snare and your most versatile snare the same snare?

    My Tama SLP G-Maple 13x7. Does everything :)
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    Classic British Vintage Kits?

    Love Premier kits & just acquired an old MK1 Projector which I am now restoring :) 72081733_137340600958891_7532995547645345792_n by Kevin Frost, on Flickr
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    Time for your Office Pics! It's been a while.

    Crush Sublime E3 Maple by Kevin Frost, on Flickr
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    Just returned a DW9000 hi hat stand I was severely disappointed in. What's the best hi hat stand I can go buy new today?

    I spent ages looking for a good 2 legged stand. In the end I went for a Mapex Falcon where the legs can be easily removed. Simply brilliant & very sensitive with great features. Heavy though. I also have a Yamaha Crosstown Hi-Hat Stand & that would be everything but you can't alter the position...
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    Birch snare drum ??

    Love my Yamaha RC 14x8. I never get tired of it :)
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    How many drum sets have you owned in your lifetime?

    Adding to this list - 11 - Pearl World Series - Natural Matte Lacquer x 2 12 - Pearl BLX - Sequoia Red 13 - Mapex Saturn III - Apple Green Sparkle Burst. 14 - Pearl EX - Solid Black