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    XLR cable choices/pricing?

    Yes, I have some of these, and also some of the quad XLR cables, also from Audiopile. (come to think of it, I've had good luck with all their products) I have had some in my drum room (I hesitate to call it a "studio") for 8-10 years with no issues. I find the cables to be well constructed...
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    Vintage Ludwig cowbell info?

    Since I was over at the drumarchive site anyway (from the Pearl MLX thread). I had a brief look at a few Ludwigs catalogs (the larger ones) They offered a variety of cowbells in black in both '73 and '80. (same model #s) Only saw the gold in the '67.. Image below is from the '80 catalog (CB...
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    Early 80’s Pearl - Pre -MLX

    I think I still have most of these old catalogs in the attic at my dad's house (along with a boatload of MDs from about '78-~88. RE: Louis B.. He shows up in the 1982 catalog. (again from the Drumarchive site) They came out with the double BD...
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    Early 80’s Pearl - Pre -MLX

    This thread got me thinking about my old Pearls. From the Pearl 1980 Catalog ( courtesy of the Drumarchive site) I see they had 3 types of wood shells, plus a fiberglass shell across most of the configurations, and a phenolic shell in limited...
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    Early 80’s Pearl - Pre -MLX

    I believe those are Pearl MX which were Pre MLX. I have a 1981-82 8 ply maple Pearl MX that is wrapped in "Blue Flash." Same two piece badge set that you have on yours. They were my first new drum set. I got them when I was 15 which was right around the time they were going after a lot of...
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    The Myth of the Deep Bass Drum

    For sure it is "to each, his own" with gear choice. To me, playing/sound wise, the deep BDs I've played sounded good, but there is definitely a different feel..(they were all backline, or studio rehearsal kits). It could have been tuning, or some other factor but I noticed that the beer can...
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    Drum shops in the north east??

    Just for clarification, Alto is in Middletown, NY..(near I 84 and NYS Rte 17/I 86). A pretty good distance from I 95. If you are a Rogers guy I understand that Al Drew's Music Center in Woonsocket, RI ( not too far from taunton) has a huge selection of genuine Rogers parts. They've been very...
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    What player do you think is most similar to Buddy that is still active these days

    If you are talking about Big Band playing.. while that is certainly a shrinking market, Tommy Igoe is probably the closest in terms of chops and overall musical ability, along with the personality. Bernie Dressel certainly fits the mold, great drummer as well. BUT while he is very well known...
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    Advice Needed: How to start gigging

    Where in Jersey are you? What kind of music do you want to play? I live in North Jersey, Some decent live music here and north of the border in Nyack and some surrounding areas. Craigslist "North Jersey," and "Hudson Valley" are pretty good as is Bandmix (in my area anyway). Farther south...
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    Phil Collins Wanted to Flee Disastrous Led Zeppelin Live Aid Reunion

    Some further info from this DFO post from a few years ago started by the original poster. I seem to remember an article posted on the interwebs not too long ago (which I cannot seem...
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    Joey Kramer

    I guess the band leaders remember things somewhat differently than others, I guess it fits their into their narrative. Reminds me of Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons both stating that they (or their producer) had to teach Peter Criss step-by-step how to play on the first few albums... I find that...
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    Joey Kramer

    I was always a big fan of his playing, too bad this is happening (esp if it is happening in the manner he describes). But history usually proves that there are usually two sides to every story for sure. Over the past 30 years I've seen them a number of times, a few of them were before they got...
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    Great short documentary - And The World Listened (1965)

    Great clip! I really enjoy those Pathe' documentaries. I got a chuckle out of the boys playing football/soccer (~5:30) and landing on on the hard surface with no knee pads or anything.. Times sure have changed. REALLY like that Premier at about 6:28.
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    Mother Love Bone "This is Shangrila"

    I was a big MLB fan, thought the drummer was really good. I had their EP, and I remember there being a decent amount of buzz (in LA anyway, where I lived at the time) surrounding the pending release of their full length CD and then Andrew Wood passed away. I think they had a lot of strong...
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    Would you join this band? "No rehearsals needed."

    Lots of good input here. Some requirements from the bandleader that are out of the ordinary. My $.002: I've done a number of "show up" gigs, with no rehearsals, the video stuff is a little much though. BUT the major deciding factor would be the type of gigs you would be playing... Would you...