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    Dunnett floor tom legs and bass spurs

    The only snare strainer I've ever had completely fail on me was a Dunnett. Clunky + failed was not a good combination. Based on that, I tend to avoid their accessories. INDe has been reliable for me.
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    Dunnett floor tom legs and bass spurs
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    I Think I Have A New Stick!

    I'm a big fan of those sticks. I find that the tips get chewed up quicker than other models. But no complaints otherwise!
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    Durability of Gloss Lacquer vs Matte Lacquer (on Canopus Yaiba, and generally)

    Just curious, as I am also considering a purchase... Who are you ordering from? Does Canopus do direct orders?
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    Bird's Eye Views...

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    Roy Beckerman Comments On Every YouTube Video

    Ok I'll admit it... similar thoughts have passed thru my head
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    ***SOLD*** Ludwig 1920s NOB 2-piece 4" x 14" 8 Lug Snare

    Another one I'll sure regret. But I haven't been playing it as much lately, so it needs to go to a better home. I am not an expert on these, so I cannot say which parts are original. Some of the clips appear to be replacements. But I have attached plenty of pictures. Shell is in nice shape. I...
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    Snare wires for 20’s drums

    Puresound Concert 12 strand wires have worked well for me on my 4" x 14" NOB.
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    Tama Starclassic Birch MIJ - Price Reduced!

    Most thumping kick I've ever owned. Miss it. It was perfect for my old band. GLWS
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    How come I'm late to the party???? Gergo Borlai!

    I don't throw around the term "monster" much, but I think it applies here...
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    I finally get it. Caroline ASBA pedal.

    Great Marketer
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    WANTED: Paiste Traditionals, crashes or others

    Did I contribute to this? Hahaha... Hope you are enjoying the ride