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    What Is Pocket?

    the older i get, the more i understand what Miles meant, but "its the space between the notes" Pocket and Feel to me, are all about how you use the space in between the notes
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    OT: Bourbon drinkers? Favorite Bourbon...

    Makers Mark is my goto...occasionally KnobCreek i treat myself to a good bottle of Scotch a few times a year as well..... goto is glenmorangie and for those special treats....The Macallan 12
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    Change my mind - Die cast hoops suck on snare drums

    im not a fan of them either on snares..... especially when doing a rimshot.... no give
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    Why do gretsch late 70’s SSB kits sound so good?

    my Drop G SSB kit,... sounds like no other..... the diecast hoops on the toms....those drums BARK..... and they are idiot proof to tune!
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    Poll: Which standard sparkle finish on vintage drums is your favorite?

    Silver Sparkle for me..... maybe because my first Royce kit in 77 was Silver Sparkle...
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    Spoken Word and Percussion

    My cousin and I had been talking about a "Drum-n-Face" project for an eternity. Poetry and Percussion Couple of years ago, we managed to make the time, and get together for a few performances. Cousin Bob on spoken word Cousin Kip on percussion Cousin Mary's written words Cousin Jim on guitar...
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    Favorite Concert film/video?

    Last Waltz, Kids Are Alright We Jam Econo (The Minutemen) This is Not a PhotoGraph (Mission of Burma)
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    Side 2 Back in Black
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    Phil Rudd or Ringo Starr Who is More Meat & Potatoes

    Phill has such a tremendous pocket. It was he and Malcom who were the magic w AC/DC. Even though, eighth note based, Phill, much like Ringo, SWINGS. Its the feel in between those notes. When I head ACDC w Phil and Malcom, to me, Phills right arm/hand is in total sync w Malcoms right hand on...
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    Who are your 5 fav drummers?

    so many..... Keith Moon is still my all time fav Ringo, Mitch, Charlie, Levon..etc...etc.. a few that have altered my approach to drums over the decades have been John French Chris Cutler Ronald Shannon Jackson Daniel Humair Gerry Hemmingway Hans Bennick Tony Allen
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    Let's see your Cymbal Set-Up... All Brands Welcome!

    hats usually 14" NB circa79 ride an old A Zildjian 22 from the 70s 2 crashes 16 18 sabians..... although i may have an old zildjian in the case..
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    Sexiest song of all time nominations

    i remember , years ago, playing Watlz for Debby w a jazz combo i was with....and i noticed the movement of my brushes on the snare in the begining of the tune, and just thought to myself "damn...this is a sexy groove and motion"!
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    Favorite Zappa Album

    my fav Mothers line ups are the version w Flo and Eddie, and the version w Ruth Underwood, Ralph Humphrey and Chester Thompson
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    New Rogers Drum Sets now available in the US...update from Pro Drum

    what makes the new Rogers drums, "Rogers" drums? i'm just thinking about Gibson's Slingerland drums...other than the name... what ties the new drums to the old legacy? Anything?
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    Paiste Sound Formula Full Crashes