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    Better Sizes or Better Kit?

    The pork pies are hand built from what I understand and Bill Detamore has been the brains behind other big brand drum company’s lines. His knowledge of drum building is unsurpassed in the industry. I would put his kits up against any gretsch in sound and quality imho.
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    18x22 or 14x22

    Very late to the subject but bass drums are a lot like speakers. The bigger the speaker the more energy it takes to move it, the smaller the speaker the more efficient it is. I have a starclassic bubinga 18x22 and while it is a beautiful drum it really only does one thing well. Low tuning...
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    Drumming is Becoming Boring to Me

    I’ve been playing since jr high and I’m now 52. Will play till I cannot anymore. My band broke up recently and i signed up for Todd Sucherman’s class on Drumeo. I also love playing through Jim Riley’s book Survival Guide for the Modern Drummer. Tons of drum-less play alongs that are well...
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    Tama Mastercraft snare wires?

    would love to get reproductions of the originals for fit and finish on my Mastercraft snares but cannot see paying $50 plus $20 shipping. Found Tama Style 15" Snare Wires on Drum Factory Direct for &7.75 that actually measure 14". I have found that the longer 15" Pearls don't fit as others have...