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    Paiste Traditional Med Light 22”

    Lower price, still great cymbal
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    What’s your best score?

    Out on street for garbage. 22,13,16 and Gene Krupa snare. Lots of work but worth it.
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    Hi Hat Woes (Agop 30th's or Crash hats)

    I have really taken a liking to Istanbuls also. But I am using Zildjian K Con 14” hats. Great feel and sound. I think they pair really great.
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    Paiste Traditional Med Light 22”

    Still available
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    Show us your prettiest kits.....

    The look of my drums is very important to me. I love them all.
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    Trueing an Old Drum Shell

    I wiped inside of shell with some tung oil, put on ratchet straps, actually used my body weight to push more into round, tightened straps and then put heads on both sides and let it sit for a week or two... or more.
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    Paiste Traditional Med Light 22”

    In excellent condition. 2812 g $350 shipped to lower 48 No trades at this time.
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    Zildjian 22" ride Sold

    It’s a wonderful cymbal. I am open to negotiation.
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    Agop 22 SE TW SOLD

    Pm sent
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    History of Premier Drums

    Premiers... my favorite drums!
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    Independent Music Retailers

    Get Hip Records. Mostly garage band stuff, but they have a bit of everything including some odd ball stuff.
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    Very cool! Didn’t even know this species existed. GLWS!
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    Premier HiFi

    Love Premiers. Have a few HiFis myself. No special wires needed on these. I did replace the throw on one of mine because it constantly turning itself off, just couldn't get it to work . But wonderful drums.
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    No practices, no gigs, no nothing. We have our annual holiday show in the books for Saturday after Thanksgiving, maybe things will be different then, I hope so.