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    Buyer Beware--Pat Holmes @

    I agree, but go google the email address I paid to. Should of done it myself. People don't respond 4 or 5 times in a 24hr period and then no email response in 7 days after they are paid. Not in 2020 at least. 100% scammers. Bummer.
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    Buyer Beware--Pat Holmes @

    Thanks for that. Here was message for those asking. but anyway. That member even posted a few wanted ads on here too. And the person responding to my email asking about their drum was super normal. The scammers are getting much better. Still should of caught it, just was too excited i found my...
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    Buyer Beware--Pat Holmes @

    The member woodc72 messaged me about a wanted ad I had and told me to reach out to Pat Holmes @ for an orphan drum he was trying to sell. I did this and agreed on price and paid paypal(family and friends) to this guy. Sent legit looking pics, etc.. Long story short he kept in...
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    Ludwig Pre Serial Blue Sparkle 5.5x14 Snare Drum - $400

    My posting. Feel free to ask any questions and if you need more pics, just ask. $400+ $30 shipping. Thanks again
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    Pork Pie 7x14 Maple Snare Drum w/Aged Hdwr- $400

    My posting. Feel free to ask any questions. $400+ $30 shipping.
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    Pork Pie Snare Drum Sale!

    Hadn't really considered it, but direct message me whatever ya got and we can see. I could always be swayed for new heads, used cymbals, even some hardware.
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    Pork Pie Snare Drum Sale!

    Hey folks, looking to move some of these beauties. $200- 6x12 Pork Pie Maple Moss Green Stain-Brand New Shape SOLD--$175- 6x10 Pork Pie Gold Sparkle - Great Shape $225- 6x13 Pork Pie Amber Acrylic- Notice the gold pork pie badge instead of PigLite. This was one of the earlier runs of this drum...
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    SOLD--Ludwig WFL 1960 Green Sparkle Snare Drum w/nickel hdwr -$450+ Shipping

    Haven't played this since I bought it a few years ago, so it needs to go to another home. Great drum and amazing shape for having a Jan 1960 stamp on the inside. Green sparkle is in amazing shape for the age compared to most I've ever seen pop up for sale. It is missing the throw off bat and has...
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    Yamaha Maple Absolute

    Awesome kit. Do you have any other sparkle yamaha kits or snares in this era of nouveau lugs you'd part with?
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    Yamaha Absolute Nouveau Kit

    Looking for something very specific. Yamaha Absolute Nouveau kit in a sparkle finish. 24in virgin bass drum, 12 or 13 rack tom, 16in floor tom w/legs. Anyone have something sitting around they would part with? Thanks again!
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    Roland TD-10K V-Drum Set w/TDW-1 Card 2000's Red Fade

    Just pieced this all out on ebay if anyone is interested in just some of the pieces.. Seller = Nectarrock Feel free to contact me on here or there with any questions. Thanks, Keith
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    ***Sold*** Pearl Eric Singer Signature Snare $400.00

    So bummed I missed this listing as I just spent all my fun drum money for the next little while last week. I even have a dang eBay alert for this drum since Ive been trying to snag one for a while. Its a beauty. If you still have it in 3-4 months Ill definitely buy it.
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    Higher End 24, 13, 16 or 18 Kit

    I'm in search of a higher end kit like a starclassic, dw, pork pie, yamaha absolute, etc in a 24 or 26, 13, 16 or 18 configuration. I'm all over ebay, reverb, guitar center so with this post I'm primarily looking to see if anyone on here has anything they don't have posted but would be ok...
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    Roland TD-10K V-Drum Set w/TDW-1 Card 2000's Red Fade

    Bump. Lower Price..$1,595