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    What cable?

    I want to try using the speakers in my Peavey Classic for my Valve JR. I picked up a cable with a Male to plug into the VJ and a female to plug into the speaker connection on the Peavey. I don't get any sound so I'm thinking I need different connectors on one. Anyone know what I should look for?
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    Practice amp

    That Monoprice is pretty cool! It's funny, I've watched so many videos of amps. All different kinds. One thing I've realized is I just don't like the sound of Fender Amp for the most part. I can see why someone would like it but it's not for me lol. I went on a journey to no where on getting...
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    What kind of "drum car" do you drive?

    1997 Chevy Blazer. I've been able to fit 3 people, cooler & 5 pc kit in it. In my younger days I almost bought a 72 Cadillac hearse for a drum hauler. Definitely going bigger with my next vehicle though.
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    anyone got any interesting/different Hi Hat top + bottom combinations?

    I used a New Beat bottom over a Rude bottom for years. Had a friend tell me he wanted them if I ever sold them. I have some singles around I was mixing up until I got the 2002 bug.
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    I'm not digging this. Pages load even slower now. Might be time to find a new hang...
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    Would you sign a non-compete clause at a venue?

    We had an owner try that. Not to the point of signing anything. But we weren't having it anyway.
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    Beginning Guitar Next Week

    As someone who just began learning guitar in November I definitely recommend trying to lay everyday if possible. Need to build up the callous on your fingers to play comfortable. I didn't touch my guitar for a week because of being beat up from shoveling snow and I'm having to build them up...
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    OT (kind of) Small Practice PA

    Hey all! I wanted to revisit this topic. My singer is in a bind and has mentioned selling his PA. I'm looking for some knowledge as well as recommendations. I'd like to stay bout $1000 No less than 4 inputs Enough power for bar gigs (btw, how much power would be needed?) Thinking Mixer, 2...
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    NAMM pics?

    Just go on youtube. tons of videos
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    Bass Drum Sizes Demo

    I think the 20 x 20 is kind of an odd size for something like this. At least to me. I also liked the1st one surprisingly. I think it's more EQ after the mic but hat's just me.
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    decent mid range cymbal set?

    Really depends on your budget and what you want to get? Used is always better bang for the buck.
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    My first 24" pie

    Just got my first as well. Giant Beat. Can't wait to get it on a stand!
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    What Drum related stuff did you get for Christmas ?

    21" HHX Grove Ride 22" K Dark Med Ride 24" Giant Beat :headbang:
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    OT (kind of) Small Practice PA

    Thanks for the replies! Ok, let's say a budget of $300-500. It would be primarily for a small practice at my home. 2-4 inputs. should work. Vocal mic and my e-drums. When I at small I mean as small as possible. My man cave is about 12x15ish with no room to spare as it is. I do like the idea of...
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    Practice amp

    Lazmo, I'm digging that Laney! So I sent the old Peavey Classic VTX out for some work. Had the footswitch plug replaced and new tubes put in. Found a replacement footswitch on eBay. Holy hell is that thing loud!! I'm real happy with the Marshall. In fact I let a friend borrow my Pedal for a...