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    Maybe its the quarantine bringing out the best of my OCD, but I noticed that the Drums for Sale has a period on it in the forum list and is the only one. Nothing of significance in this post beyond that :) Good day and hope all is well with everyone. -Steve
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    INDe 5.5x15 RESoArmor Snare Drum 2019 Gold Sparkle, W/ Case Josh is listing for me so if you have any questions or offers, feel free to message me. Thanks, Steve
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    Snare stand advice

    Sorry for the late reply and all the responses are much appreciated! I found Harry Stinsons setup and yes, I see what you mean, very versatile. Going to weigh that and the Tama option and make a call so thank you guys again for the advice pointing me in the right direction. -Steve
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    Snare stand advice

    Have a virgin 24 bass drum and want to raise my 13 Tom up and more to the right or closer to center of the bass drum. Looked into mounting it but it’s too high up so the goal is to move it a little more with a snare stand with a boom. I’ve seen DW ones but was curious if anyone had a better...
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    On the fence

    Looking at both a Keplinger Brass and JN TKO Brass (both 6.5 x 14). Heard and played the JN but was hoping to get any opinions on how they differ in sound as I’ve only heard videos of the Kep. Open to a 3rd option I should consider as well . Thanks for any input given in advance. -Steve
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    Tune-Bot Thread

    I use mine 90 percent of my tunes (the only time I don't is quick adjustments during sets). To be fair, I don't feel I was that accomplished by ear regardless of technique and practice. I believe that you can tune just as good or better by ear, but this is not a luxury all of us have in the...
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    Leedy Snare (14x10) (sold)

    Kudos on the page with videos/photos. One of the best I've seen to display a product for sale! GLWS -Steve
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    INDe launching a new drum business

    I like that your tagline is "Be excellent to each other" and post this...seems contradictory
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    New use for cymbals?

    It's a Ford FE...not sure but I believe the poster indicated its a 390 to be specific. Steve
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    New use for cymbals?

    LOL - Ran across this in a Ford FE Motor group I'm in: -Steve
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    Pretty Amazing Work

    Not personally interested in buying, but admiring the amount of detail done by John Aldridge.... -Steve
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    The excitement begins!

    Super excited. Kit is done! Had Josh build a 5.5x15 resoarmor snare to match the bass drum inlay.
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    Oriollo Snares

    I'm all in on Inde. Honestly, I don't think I can find more value in a drum. Sound and build for the price to me is second to none. I think you'll be more then happy with the snare. -Steve
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    New release out today

    Great track and great drumming!...Right up my alley.....looking forward to hearing more! Steve