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    Drummers that you like but don't get enough credit ?

    So drummers can be lead singers as well! :)
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    David Robinson (the cars) COW slingerland kit

    Another unsung trailblazer. His parts are deep and really cool.
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    Phil’s Snare height, too low or just right?

    He was a powerhouse back then. Really aggressive.
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    Drummers that you like but don't get enough credit ?

    Kelly Keagy. Has his own sound, plays some cool stuff, and is a powerhouse. Always liked his playing. That he sings and does that...
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    Cover bands, "tribute" bands and royalties

    From my experience, this is how it's done, if it's done. We never really had to worry about any issues, Pink Floyd has never shown hostility, and we were regional. They don't seem to bother the bigger ones much, but do have stipulations on setlists and albums. Free publicity.
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    Less is more, what is this obsession with speed?

    I really can't listen to the Giuliana-type music, with too many notes cluttering up the ideas. I'm only asking for one or two quarter notes, maybe a dotted eighth, anything. This tune is pretty darn hard to play, I've done it quite a few times with musicians. It all has to flow to have that lilt.
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    Drummers that you like but don't get enough credit ?

    Gerry Brown is such a monster. Met him when I was in my teens at a clinic in Pittsburgh in the 80s. He stuck around to answer all the questions we had, super nice guy. He had something else going on his playing, a greater feeling of groove and musicianship, that I'd never seen before. And that...
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    If You Missed 53 Years of King Crimson Tours, They’re Hitting the Road Next Month with Guys Who Kinda Knew Zappa

    Saw this lineup in Cleveland, it was better than I was expecting.
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    Drummers that you like but don't get enough credit ?

    Richie Hayward. He played on a lot of records outside of Little Feat.
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    OT Favorite Jack Nicholson Movies

    Woah, that's absolute rabbit hole that movie is...Room 237...
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    Neil Peart on Keith Moon's 'Dogs Part Two'

    Never heard this before. Pure energy, and I like how he phrased the rolls along with Pete. Musical!!
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    Sticks (again): Which brand is the best (i.e., consistently well-finished, durable, straight)?

    Vater, rarely have any issues. Their pitch matching out of the box isn't the best, but getting 3 pairs and matching works for me. Recently got a pair of Wincent 5As, not bad at all. Little heavier feeling than the Vater 5A.
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    Stan Lynch - Damn The Torpedoes

    How he placed the snare and how Petty phrased were so good together, swagger with a little edge but not too uncomfortable. Not sure why Iovine hated that so, I guess he had his reasons.
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    Favorite Bass Player/ Drummer Section in Live Concerts You Saw Live

    White/Squier Lots of ESP going on.
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    OT Favorite Jack Nicholson Movies

    Funny how he's always a psychotic weirdo. The Shining has been delivering a lot of great analysis...