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    Pink Floyd DW Drums gong drum

    You'll have to mount this at around 8' to get the most effect. Great story, cool drum!
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    Duffy Jackson left the bandstand

    He knew how to get a great sound, and hit pretty hard! He brought it! Love some of those licks! Burning.
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    Duffy Jackson left the bandstand

    He was incredible. Wow. I saw this back then, and never saw anything like it before, completely blew me away. Absolute commitment and forward motion.
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    I’ve learn about Patents

    Awesome, that is a huge accomplishment. Cool product.
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    OT: if DISCO isn't something you care much for..

    I liked it when I was a kid in the late 70s. Kinda hated it when I got into NWOBHM and Rush, but the music disappeared and was replace with rap and all that. Didn't like it, Grandmaster Flash is interesting, but it was dance music without musicians and heart. Fast forward, I dig it. The...
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    RIP Ralph Peterson

    I loved hearing him play music, as well as talk about music. An inspirational figure.
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    Tony Williams June 1991

    Tony Williams 1992. Burning.
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    Am I the only one who had been unaware of Anika Nilles?!

    Most of the "drummer tunes" I've heard go nowhere and say nothing, perhaps that's the purpose. Gets tiring after a while. IMO.
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    OT - What was the best "golden age" decade in music?

    Gotta be the 70s. This tune is so good, and the drums sound like the typical 70s dead drum sound, but are a feature and add to the vibe.
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    Why I switched to Vater 5A's

    I've used these for a long time and swear by them. I'll get 3pr, tone match, I can usually get 3 good pairs out of this. Then sand the varnish off in the gripping area. It's a litter slippery to me. They last forever an sound great with Remo heads and Pasties.
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    Keith Moon isolated tracks

    Damn that was SMOKIN. Some hip drum sh*t right there. It's hard to watch the 77 an 78 Moon, he wasn't the same player and lost some of his manic creativity. He was a Ringo-esque genius. Something about British rock rummers from the 607's and 70's, had an extra bit of creativity. Bruford, Simon...
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    Neil Peart and the Ludwig era...

    That explains quite a bit!
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    Cubital Tunnel Syndrome/Ulnar Nerve Issues

    That was quite painful for me, an then the constipation from the times. Get plenty of ice bags.
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    Neil Peart and the Ludwig era...

    Still am not a fan of the Counterparts Ludwigs, too boingy and thin to me. I did catch him plenty times with the DWs and they were great sounding live. One show in particular in NJ they were especially good sounding. But, my faves are still those old rosewood Tamas.
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    O.T. Firing a Client... (long post warning)

    I'm not convinced of that. Someone gains 100lbs in a year and seeks to cause harm to others, and everything else he described leads me to that conclusion.