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    Most UNDERRATED Bands in the Classic Rock Era

    Not a band, but Donovan is severely underrated. Many people still dismiss him as a Dylan copyist because his first album was derivative, but at the time, everyone’s first album was derivative, including the Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Dylan himself. Donovan’s Sunshine Superman album and...
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    Most UNDERRATED Bands in the Classic Rock Era

    Elastica. They never got the attention that Oasis or Blur or Pulp got, but their first album is the best Brit-pop album.
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    Most UNDERRATED Bands in the Classic Rock Era

    The Small Faces. Not so much under-rated but largely ignored in the US. The Who may have coined the term “Maximum R&B,” but the Small Faces did it better than anyone. Then Brian Epstein dosed them with acid and they became a great psychedelic band. Led Zeppelin “borrowed“ a great deal from them.
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    Most UNDERRATED Bands in the Classic Rock Era

    The most under-rated band ever is the Monkees. They were derisively dismissed because they were put together for a tv show and didn’t play the instruments on their early records, but the first two albums they made when they wrested control of their recordings from Don Kirshnir (Headquarters and...
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    Tamed My BOB

    Got mine today. Same rough snare gates. Does anyone have any suggestions on the best way to smooth them out?
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    Flat rides - Who's got 'em, loves 'em or hates 'em

    I used to have a pre-split heavy 20” Istanbul flat ride that was a great ping ride. I had a thin 22” Bosphorus Masters flat, which I hated. The guy who bought it from me loved it. I haven’t heard one in person, but the videos I’ve seen of the Agop Xist Dry Dark flat ride sound absolutely...
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    Jazz Beginner and Hi Hat Size and Weight?

    Dream Bliss hats are a great choice for jazz or folk-rock. Thin, washy, a little trashy and very affordable. Similar to pre-New Beat Zildjians, but with the handmade vibe. For fusion, Dream Contact hats are heavier and have more cut.
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    Who are your 5 fav drummers?

    Keith Moon Bill Bruford Ringo Starr Rob Ellis Pavel Fajt
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    Tamed My BOB

    Has anyone who ordered a pair of these hoops receieved them yet? I understand that Covid-19 is making international delivery extra slow, just wondering if other people who ordered in mid-April are still waiting.
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    What Are You Listening To?

    New Gaye Su Akyol. Turkish psychedelia.
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    What Are You Listening To?

    Francoise Hardy pretty much invented ASMR. Listen on headphones to get the full effect of the double-tracked vocals.
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    Is anyone buying or selling now?

    I was trying to sell a few things on craigslist and reverb, but I took down my listings when shelter-in-place started. I sold a cymbal locally before shelter-in-place. It was an awkward experience for both of us. I took my cymbals to the guy‘s house. We stayed on his porch. He had a stand...
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    OT: What Is Your Favorite Rolling Stones Song or Album?

    Song: Paint it Black Album: Beggars Banquet I guess I’m in the minority for preferring Brian Jones-era Stones. I also think Pink Floyd were never as good without Syd.
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    Sad news: Bill Rieflin has died