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    Gigging bop kit

    Big band and bebop gigs with my '65 Slingerland Shelbyville 12/14/20 kit. They are lighter than the Gretsch Renown 12/14/20 kit I had and about the same as my Gretsch Catalina 12/14/18 kit that has been converted to a practice kit. As for gigging vintage kits, I have sold my "modern" kits over...
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    Live music volume and mixing: my rant...

    ... and the loudest instrument in the 18 piece jazz big band.
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    OT Favorite Clint Eastwood Movies

    Play Misty For Me
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    Looking for a new/used 7x13 snare - what are you all using?

    Tama Artwood Ltd Edition, maple. Originally came with black anodized hardware that I replaced with chrome. I used wood hoops for a while, but they dried out the resonance too much. Great jazz drum for bebop or big band, but a little weak for big band outdoors or in very large venues. Haven't...
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    Pearl Floor Tom Rubber tips do anything?

    Absolutely. Opened my Slingerland 14 and 16s right up. And mine fit in their bags too.
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    Melted Moongel

    You are absolutely right. It does soften and deteriorate. Doesn't make it garbage, just makes me replace it ... once every year or two.
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    Would you buy a bass drum that is 1/4 inch out of round?

    Got a Slingerland that was 1/4" out. Was hard getting new heads on, but tuned up OK. After playing it a couple of years, took the heads off and it was perfect.
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    Everyone’s Favorite Whipping Boy -Guitar Center

    I bought a Yamaha set from them. They had one in stock on the floor. It had been used for their local drum off competition and their was some snare rash on the tom, so I had them order a new one. It came in a week or so later, but the boxes had been opened and resealed. Sure enough it was the...
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    Mics and Cables - how do you transport to / from gigs?

    4 mics with 20' cables and room to spare in a small 6 pack cooler (nylon with plastic liner)
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    O.T. Songs you want played at your funeral

    I play with our church's Praise and Worship band and we provided the music for the funeral of a church member who had been a musician and DJ. At the request of the family, the final song was "Free Bird".
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    Tips for applying vinyl logos

    Learned this from lettering race cars. Spray drum head liberally with Windex. Apply logo. Work all of the bubbles out with a plastic squeegee (ala Rockin' Billy). Let dry thoroughly and remove paper carefully. The Windex keeps the vinyl from sticking immediately so you can reposition the...
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    Greasy Grooves

    B. B. King, of all people.
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    SOLD - Yamaha Club Jordan Cocktail Drumset in Silver Sparkle - $1600 plus shipping

    Ready to play Yamaha Club Jordan cocktail kit in silver sparkle. Very good+ condition. 15 x 24 combination floor tom / bass drum 10 x 5 tom 8 x 5 snare Complete with all hardware and cymbals. 18" Dream Vintage Bliss crash/ride and 12" Paiste Noise Works hats. All original to the best of my...
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    Aquarian heads vs Remo and Evans?

    Comparisons, descriptions, tuning tips, everything you want to know.
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    Does anyone who plays along with songs on their androids have any tips?

    I bought a cheap blue tooth receiver for my Bose stereo and run the phone through that.